Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some Reaction to the Trump Victory

And most of it unhinged or just wretchedly stupid:

(1) Michael Moore on CNN:

(2) Paul Mason in the Guardian here is simply deranged.

(3) Simon Schama on BBC Newsnight seems to think Trump is literally Hitler:

(4) Nigel Farage and others on a panel:

(5) Pepe Escobar at Counterpunch actually has something insightful to say about Trump’s protectionism here.

(6) the libertarian Justin Raimondo has an interesting discussion of Trump here from the perspective of his libertarian views on foreign policy.

(7) Bernie Sanders is interviewed here:

(8) Finally, and most important of all: Sergei Glazyev – a top Putin aide – has said, as reported here in the UK Independent, that Donald Trump’s victory averted World War 3, given how the corrupt, vicious witch Hillary was braying for conflict with Russia over Syria.

That may actually be true, and, if true, we should all be extremely grateful to Donald Trump.

So don’t f*ck it up, Donald.

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  1. It is probably the best outcome given that the left is backing global neoliberalism. IMO It is even the best outcome if Donalt Trump fails. The movement continues. There was TEA Party, OWS, Brexit and now Trump. The fact that these people might be ideologically againt each other is just noise. All will benefit at the end. Truump is not even president yet and positive things are happening already. TPP is trashed, so is TTIP, things are looking better in Syria, relations with Russia are improving. EU elites are panicking, socialists in France are talking about limiting immigration etc.

  2. No, Sanders could never have been a serious Presidential contender.

    The problem with Sanders is that he had good slogans, but everytime he was pushed on the details of his policy, he could only generalize.

    Asked on which Wall Street executive he would send to jail and why, he struggled to name on or even explain what the crime was. Asked to outline an economic policy and he made inflated claims of promising 5% growth rates.

    Trump also often is shallow on details, but he managed to appeal to the strongest sentiments regarding trade and immigration, and was forgiven by voters for that.

    Sanders could not even win many progressive voters, who skewered him for lack of clarity.

    1. WM is saying that Sanders is a fiscal conservative

  3. Sergei Glazyev is actually not a top aide, he advises Putin on the matters of economic re-integration with the former Soviet Union republics. He is a left-wing Keynsian economist , favouring indicative planning, big spending, especially on R&D and capital investment, big government in general. All of this runs counter to the current neolibiral Russian government policy. His economics and his political comments, including the possibility of WW III are simply his personal opinion. I don't think the Russian government actually considered the possibility of direct military confrontation with NATO.