Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Peter Navarro’s “Death by China” Documentary

I don’t agree with everything here (sure, there are some hysterical bits here and there), but this documentary by Peter Navarro called “Death by China” (2012) is food for thought:

Curiously, Peter Navarro is now an economic adviser to Trump, and you can see why there is massive corporate hostility to Trump, who clearly wishes to end this corporate outsourcing of jobs and manufacturing to China.

My discussion of Chinese mercantilism is here.

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  1. a useful guide how to force american business community to support sensible economic policies.

    step one: ban capital outflows (financial investments and physical capital)

    enjoy the show.

  2. Glad to see brother Dan has rejoined us!

    LK, not related, but you might enjoy some parts of this article written by a bunch of Marxist trolls:


    Gets a bit silly towards the end.