Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Will Trump’s Anti-Globalisation Agenda Win him the Election?

I don’t know, but his latest powerful “Argument for America” ad – apart from the anti-Federal Reserve nonsense (which seems quasi-libertarian) – is absolutely a message of anti-globalisation and anti-free trade:

That ad is, more or less, a masterpiece. This man, whether he wins or loses, deserves huge credit for having raised economic issues that the left has been talking about for years and years: namely, the disaster of free trade, the disaster of de-industrialisation and the catastrophe of globalisation.

Make no mistake, our current neoliberal system of globalisation has failed, and it will be a paradox of history if a populist Republican will be the one to break it. Crucially, as Trump points out, massive Third World immigration (whether legal or illegal) is also part of this catastrophic program of neoliberal globalisation, and the mainstream left, to its shame, is fully on board with this aspect of globalisation.

Will this be Brexit all over again? Again, I don’t know, and people are endlessly telling me that Hillary will win, so the next day will be very interesting indeed.

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  1. All Central Banks should be under direct government control. IDK what Trump said about the Fed, but if that was it, he wasn't wrong. Can't have neoliberal technocrats anywhere near semi independent government institutions.

  2. Check out Murphys blog on this. He's actually right this time.

  3. Trump just took Ohio and is slightly ahead in Florida and North Carolina. Despite my stated misgivings about Donald Trump, I have to concede that this country would be much better off without Hillary Rodham Clinton's grimey hands on the reins of power.

  4. Hey, m'lord. Hillary Clinton conceded and Donald Trump is now the President-elect.