Saturday, November 26, 2016

Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Victory


Sad to say, but he’s losing it.

Some criticisms:

(1) Chomsky’s view that Trump has no coherent positions and no fixed ideas is nonsense. For many years, Trump was consistently warning of the dangers of free trade and de-industrialisation in America. For many years, Trump was a supporter of some kind of universal health care system and as recently as last year was saying that the government needs to increase its role in provision of healthcare:

Trump has of course retreated from this position now, so if there is any criticism to be made, it is not that he never had any coherent positions, it is that he has retreated from some of his decent liberal positions.

(2) although the interviewer said it and Chomsky seemed to tacitly agree, Steve Bannon isn’t a “white nationalist.” This is a lie.

(3) notice how Chomsky admits that Trump was in favour of reducing tensions with Russia. Why doesn’t Chomsky condemn the warmongering insanity of Hillary Clinton and her plans for more confrontation with Russia? Why doesn’t he condemn Hillary’s mad plans for a no-fly-zone in Syria? Why was Hillary a better candidate on this issue, the most important of all? Notably, Chomsky does have a sensible position on Putin that he sees past the anti-Putin lies and propaganda, but Chomsky can’t bring himself to give Trump any credit for similar views.

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  1. Trump has contradicted himself on almost every major issue, save for the wall, in many cases multiple times. During the campaign he would sometimes contradict himself within a few sentences of each other. And the number of times he has denied saying what he has unequivocally said is staggering. Just watch the debates again and fact check him.

    It's quite obvious he's willing to say anything to please the crowd in front of him, and so he has few coherent, consistent positions. Chomsky is right.

    This is one of the few times in US history where we literally have no idea and no basis with which to construct an idea of how an incoming president will govern or what his positions really are.

    1. He's only inconsistent if you're going to do a Talmudic analysis of every sentence, you Pharisee. The people elected a NEW DIRECTION far more than a new set of policies (apart from the wall and trade - which he has been very consistent on).

    2. He hasn't been particularly consistent about the wall, either:

  2. Good, honest post LK. Rare on the left these past two weeks.

  3. Thanks Lach Minsky. Right on the money. How anyone can see Trump as consistent is beyond me. The tragedy is that the anger from those wanting alternative organisation to cronyism, casino capitalism and SJWs is legitimate, (Chomsky largely agrees) but why anyone would think a thin skinned, irresponsible clown would be better will remain one of life's imponderables.

    1. Trump attacked anybody who attacked him. That's not think skinned. Its how you destroy your opponents and intimidate would be challengers.

    2. Let me rephrase that for you: "Trump threw a tantrum fit for a toddler whenever anyone criticised him or whenever things didn't go his way." While we're at it, people who want any ounce of content and rational direction from their politicians are not Pharisees. "A new direction" is only reasonable if you're driving towards a smoother road than towards, well, use your imagination.

  4. Fascinating study that these people are doing:

    I'm so glad that this methodology was resurrected to address contemporary issues.

    1. Good find. Also check out the video "Do college students hate free speech? Let's ask them" on YouTube. It's both funny AND disturbing. Two for the price of one.

  5. Chomsky "lost it" as far as I'm concerned, when he told people 'only vote for Jill Stein if you live in a safe state.' Ralph Nader is the new Progressive Senior Leader.