Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bill Mitchell on Free Trade

Bill Mitchell has just published the third in his series of posts on free trade:
Bill Mitchell, “The Case against Free Trade – Part 1,” Billy Blog, 27 October, 2016.
Bill Mitchell, “The Case against Free Trade – Part 2,” Billy Blog, 8 November, 2016.
Bill Mitchell, “The Case against Free Trade – Part 3,” Billy Blog, 22 November, 2016.
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  1. "These so-called ‘free trade’ agreements are nothing more than a further destruction of the democratic freedoms that the advanced nations have enjoyed and cripple the respective states’ abilities to oversee independent policy structures that are designed to advance the well-being of the population."

    Nice to see him accept that free trade puts a constraint on policy.

    Else MMT is a mega-claim that free trade doesn't constraint fiscal policy.

  2. Bill mitchell

    Indirectly admit that thirwall law is real even though he dont want to admit this.