Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stephen F. Cohen on Trump’s Victory

An interesting discussion:

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  1. LK, on the off chance you catch this message within the next 45 minutes, The American Conservative is having a live conference on US foreign policy. US/Russian relations is the topic for the next hour. Link below:


  2. This guy is crazy tuned in. It's sort of amazing.

  3. As I commented there, Russia expert Cohen misunderestimates the power of the President.

    Pretty much, if he announces there will be Good Neighbor Policy, there will be one. The herd of independent minds forming the foreign policy establishment will do an about face immediately and deny they were ever for war with Eastasia or wherever.

  4. Robert Skidelsky: Trumpism could be a solution to the crisis of neoliberalism


  5. I only watched some of it. He is certainly right Trump ran as the detente with Russia candidate. He was widely and roundly condemned for it too. I doubt it helped him, it certainly hurt him with the traditional republican crowd, but doubtless helped with other segments. Bernie voters.