Thursday, November 17, 2016

Let me Explain a Major Reason why Trump Won

Carrier Air Conditioner announces its offshoring of production to Monterrey, Mexico, a move which will throw 1,400 people out of work:

Trump told workers he won’t let things like this happen, and threatened the treasonous corporations with tariffs:

By some accident (lol…), he also won Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the rust belt states savagely hit by deindustrialisation and free trade.

Trump had the balls to stand up for working class people, even in view of all his other faults. Virtually no other major American politician (except Bernie) was capable of doing the same thing.

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    From looking at this map, Trump winning PA would suggest you're quite correct, LK. The Clinton strategy, recommended by former PA governor and Philly mayor Ed Rendell of "Picking up two moderates for every working class white we lose" was supposed to win her the four suburban Philly counties, and subsequently the state. While it did get her the suburban Philly counties, Trump mobilized the people in the rust belt areas of the state enough to win the state while losing those counties. It could also be argued that Hillary was such a terrible candidate that many who would favor her over Trump just stayed home. This victory is even more amazing when you consider that, outside of the density in southeast PA and parts of southwest PA, the rest of the state is sparsely populated. Winning Pennsylvania while losing all of the counties hasn't occurred in some time, to my knowledge, so it will be rather interesting to see if subsequent political elections adjust their strategies accordingly.

  2. Have you noticed how many people in the audience were black and Latino?

    And have you noticed that Trump won twice as much of the black and Latino vote as Romney?

    1. I'm not surprised that Trump has done noticeably better than Romney and McCain at getting Blacks and Hispanics (considering how they've haven't been a solid voting block like American Blacks) to vote for him. He's not a golly gee shucks whitebread type or MUH FREE MARKET nerd who goes on about taking on Affirmative Action or ending the social safety net. He's a made a fuss of cleaning up the cities, bringing jobs back, and other topics that Blacks and Hispanics who aren't as radical about identity politics could be concerned about.

  3. I completely agree. Trump is extremely consistent on his policies. People bring up how he has conducted business in China as if that has anything to do with what he said about tariffs. They just don't realise that he tells it like it is. The elites can't stand someone so concerned with the struggles of the working class. They forget that his dad was a real estate developer, and since working class people often live in houses, his benefits are their benefits. He is a second coming of Engels in my opinion. The father of Engels was a businessman involved with cotton factories. So Engels knew what the score was on a sociological level.

  4. So introducing a 35% tariff to stop job losses in one industry is a good idea ?

    Ok, lets manipulate the prices of all goods via sales taxes so that no-one ever loses a job as a result of competition and we can build a true social democratic paradise.

  5. Claims that Trump's victory was down to some sort of "working class" revolt is suspect considering investigations of Trump’s supporters: (look at Characteristics of Candidate Support)

    Also, rural voters formed a minority among the voters:

  6. Time will tell if there's any substance in Trump's bolshevik appeal to the tribespeople. They all look like libertarians and luddites to me

  7. Balls is the most succinct description of his appeal. No politician would stand up to the rising tide of PC newspeak bullshit, the endless identity politics, the consensus of all right minded people.

  8. Lol...

    But NO... Trump's tactics SURELY won't work...


  9. What are your thoughts on climate change, LK?

    He's also appointing hard-right libertarians, supply-siders, Wall Street insiders ect. into pretty key positions...

    While Trump might believe in tax cuts for low and middle class workers, Republicans generally don't. Though they will certainly cut taxes for high-income earners and slash whatever government programmes they can as much as possible, and do so perhaps beyond repair.

    I know you're against neoliberalism, and I join you on that, but not like this. This isn't going to do anyone any good.

  10. It's happening, and Mark Lilla is good - The Reckless Mind was really well done: