Sunday, November 13, 2016

Leftist Meltdowns over Trump

There are everywhere, and mostly worthless.

But this one actually has some good points:

The regressive left strategy of social constructivism, identity politics, mass immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness is dead. It is a death sentence for the Left. But, then, I have been saying this for over a year now, and it is nice to see the truth slowly dawning.

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  1. Did you hear that he's considering Jamie Dimon for his treasury secretary?

    He's a neoliberal in populist clothing. So much for the great Trumpian hope.

    1. You hear? He's considering. Maybe a might or a perhaps. Possibly a contingency, a chance of an if. Convinces me!

    2. He campaigned as an anti-Walstreet populist, and the first candidate he considers to oversee the financial system is Mr. Walstreet himself, a man who was the main beneficiary of the first big bailout and an unavowed neoliberal globalist.

      Your Snark won't change the fact that Trump is already selling out to the interests he told his supporters he would combat.

    3. And your doubling down won't change the fact you are drawing firm conclusions from speculations. That's silly even if the speculation proves right. I'll wait until a man does something before I condemn him for doing it. Think of it as a form of snark.

    4. Except Trump already took money from Sheldon Adelson, one of the top NeoCon Zionists. Not to mention calling for Universal Healthcare then only talking about "Free Market" solutions on his website. Or the fact he originally said Jamie Diamond was the "worst banker in the world." Or being generally all over the map everywhere else:

    5. That is a lie. He said he would make a donation but never actually did...

      It amazing how leftist seem to hate facts and continue to lie about Trump.

    6. "It's amazing how leftists seem to hate facts and continue to lie about Trump." From what he's said, I wouldn't consider Trump particularly left wing, though maybe that's the point...

    7. @Septeus7: It's amazing how you didn't do your research very well and used an outdated article. Nice try, though:

  2. Consider the other people Trump's thinking of stuffing his cabinet with, who are arguably even more insane than him. Ben "I don't believe in evolution or climate change and I actually think the pyramids were used to store grain" Carson, and Sarah Palin, who is, well, Sarah Palin...

  3. Unfortunately LK that video is from a Sanders supporter and the argument of Sandernistas since last year has been "it's the economy, stupid" and that Clinton is not very electable for that reason. She didn't even publicise the economic policies during the general election (free tuition for most and more federal funding for health clinics) that Sanders got her to adopt. Instead she talked about racism, sexism, and Russia. The video aside, what has the reaction to her loss been from Clinton supporters themselves? They're sticking to the story that racism, sexism and Russia lost them the election. They aren't even concluding that economic policy must have been necessary to defeat racism, sexism and Russia!

    Kos of Daily Kos has said Sanders should be made DNC chairman so I suppose that's something.

  4. I find this funny because this blog is as guilty of being unwilling to debate as any other leftist. You declined Millennial offers to debate with shameful excuse that you need a long form written platform to be able to cite references.

    Everyone who fellow Woes know that is absurd because he legendary for doing 8+ hour google hangouts. You could read entire books.

    You'll dismiss everyone who disagree with you as conspiracy theorist and actively censor "anti-semetic" and "racist" comments cause they aren't up for debate.
    The funny thing is your blog is actually the most tolerant leftist blog despite the level censorship.

    The left hasn't had to debate anyone for 8 years and it shows. The Alt-Right is growing by leaps and bounds because they they are the result of the last 8 years of truly furious internal debate by the right.

    I spent a about month trying to debate them and all my tradition leftist argument about class warfare be I converted because there is only so much many racist quotes from leftist you can take before you understand that ID politics is the only politics.

    You cannot debate them on the issues demographic replacement and the JQ which you avoid debate and hurl insults. I used to Mike Norman's blog but Tom Hickey's constant anti-white SJW posts about the faux-genocide of the asiatic tribe of the Americas was absurd.

    As someone who is 22% "native" American, there is more nothing but annoying than having a 100% white college professor constantly bash is own people and culture supposedly show tolerant of people of different backgrounds. It shows the opposite. If you so filled with hate against you own people it only make people like me who are mixed unable to believe we can ever be part of a western society since the left seems define western society entirely on terms of evil capitalist imperialist racism.

    It must be a hundred times worst for non-white presenting blacks or Mestizos knowing that white leftist believe that they are so superior that whites constantly to have to punish and abuse themselves via affirmative action and speech censorship in order
    them to feel equal.

    1. I'm more than willing to debate, by the way. I understand why people dislike the live debate where people are not fact checked, and can claim assertions without it being supported by evidence. But I also understand the need for lively, real-time debate too.

    2. It must be a hundred times worst for non-white presenting blacks or Mestizos knowing that white leftist believe that they are so superior that whites constantly to have to punish and abuse themselves via affirmative action and speech censorship in order them to feel equal

      Oh, BS. The reason for it is because only I am responsible for my own actions. If it's the actions of my ancestors, then I am responsible to learn history so I can be circumspect enough not to repeat the same mistakes. Stop thinking this is all about you.

      I myself find it really annoying and offensive when people try and gaslight by deflecting to the sins of others. Example: Trying to smooth over Hiroshima by bringing up Pearl Harbor or the Nanking Massacre. STFU and let me critique my own people and my own country, which is my right.

      PS: I doubt very much all those "non-white presenting blacks or Mestizos" think of it the way you do. But what do I know, I'm just an Imperialist White Male Patriarchal Trailer-Trash Honkey! ;-)