Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump’s Bad Day

Trump’s leaked lewd conversation:

Pretty bad, but I have to say not as bad as I was led to believe from watching the news.

Trump released this apology soon afterwards:

Will this cost him big? Maybe, but then Arnold Schwarzenegger was guilty of misconduct even worse, and then he went on to win two state elections in California.

I have a suspicion that as this is picked up by the Clinton campaign this may badly backfire on the Clintons.

Why? Because:
(1) I suspect Donald will miraculously “find” Jesus in the next few weeks. I am sure he can find some Christian conservative or fundamentalist who will absolve him of these indiscretions, and let him appear as a contrite man who once sinned but has now seen the light. This might even go down well with the Christian base. Nothing like that old-time Christianity to wash sins away!

(2) Trump will go on a massive attack against Bill Clinton now. Bill Clinton stands accused of being a serial sex offender, and Hillary stands accused of covering up for her sex offender husband Bill.
It will be no holds barred now on Clinton’s sex scandals, and I have a feeling Hillary won’t emerge from it looking good.

The hypocrisy from leftists and liberals on social media on this issue is laughable. Yes, this tape of Trump is very bad indeed, but Bill Clinton stands accused of being a serial sex offender. Not a word about this from liberals. Or about what looks like a pretty stunning accusation against Hillary Clinton here. If Trump is unfit to be president, then so is Clinton.


  1. Trump's bid for sainthood is now over.

    He will now have to settle for Kennedy style jobs.

  2. Let's face it, I like some of his policy proposals, and he doesn't seem to be a neoliberal. But he is the kind of guy who doesn't look good on America. I am not saying that I like Clinton more but Trump is unfit.

    1. Agreed 100%. I just wish I could actually trust Clinton for carrying through her platform, but I guess I have to have more faith in the leftward drifting Democratic party.

      It's still going to be 4-8 years of maddening identity politics... *sigh*

    2. What "leftward drifting Democratic party?"

    3. Bernie Sanders? Minimum wage at $12-$15 an hour? Full Employment in the Democratic Party platform.

      Look at where Bill Clinton was 2 decades ago when he was "Ending welfare as we know it".

  3. Speaking of the "Christian" angle of things, it's a basic principle that we are what we find ourselves doing when (we think) no one is watching. If you believe the "Those words don't reflect who I am" comment, I have a bridge to sell you.

    (Actually, I would have thought that was a principle held to by most people with common sense. But I can't keep up with the moral laxity that let's Trump and Clinton off the hook all too often these days.

    "Real" Realist Left champion Ralph Nader brings it into focus by pointing up all Trump has been doing over many years - when he thought we weren't watching: