Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Did Michael Moore actually say this about Trump?


I can’t find the full speech, so cannot be sure.

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  1. It is by him.

  2. My understanding is that the tape is cut and he said bad things about Trump and good things about Hillary that are left out. But yes, he is saying these things that you hear on the tape.

  3. Apparently it was a segment of a pro-Clinton propaganda piece:

    But clearly that quote has been torn out of context and is doing the rounds. Given that his actual film will only be watched by liberals, it is likely that this clip will have all the impact - probably encouraging many to vote Trump as a protest vote. Own goal.

  4. Yeah I think Kristjan may be right as it is an event pro-Hillary: video here (not just audio, bit not the full speech):

  5. It reflects his views from other pieces he has written.

  6. I think he is for Hillary but is trying to explain to those who dont get it why people might like Trump without being racey racey racists.

    I have often said i do not want President Trump, but President-elect Trump is something I would like. Our political class deserves a big fuck you, and a big "You're fired!"

  7. Michael Moore is on video making the same claim on the Bill Maher show.

  8. Here is apparently the whole story :

  9. There is a lovely irony in Moore being edited to ostensibly espouse a position so at variance with what he really thinks. Still, this kind of thing shouldn't be done. Moore makes insightful points I think but is being traduced.

    Incidentally LK what do you think of Kevin's main squeeze? I think she's an unserious flake but she does seem honest and she chimes in on a lot of fair criticism of the Clinton machine. She at least deserves to heard but I find most left types want her to disappear lest she threaten all that Hillary love.
    Incidentally I endorse, for the moment, the only write-in candidate who can actually win, due to restrictive laws on write-ins, Laurence Kotlikoff. You won't like him, but he too deserves to be heard.


  11. Here's an excerpt from the Bill Maher episode where Moore first stated his belief that Trump would win:

    He followed that up with a piece some days later in the Huffington Post fleshing it out more:

    It should be noted that in the above two instances, Moore believed Trump would win because of the enthusiasm gap between his supporters and Hillary.