Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Results of Postmodernist Hostility to Science

… can be seen right here in the modern regressive left at the University of Cape Town:

More discussion here.

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  1. Toxic SJW insanity is frightening indeed. It perfectly demonstrates the horseshoe theory. Extreme social justice weirdos claiming Darth Vader's armour is racist on the one hand, and right wing conspiracy theory nut jobs like Alex Jones on the other. It's getting weirder and weirder. The only silver lining is that SJWs seem to currently be focusing their anger at clown lives matter organisations, so I can laugh as the world becomes a freak show.

  2. Given this took place in Cape Town, it's worth remembering Nelson Mandela's "Kick Polio Out Of Africa" campaign back in the 90's. As a result of Mandela promoting the evils of "white male science" throughout the continent, polio cases in Africa went from 350,000 in 1988 to fewer than 1000 in 2010. That's the result of postmodernist hostility to science in the third world: death and suffering that could be easily prevented. Chomsky has made similar points in the past about how truly dreadful and dangerous postmodernists are in the third world.

  3. Racism is a real problem. Minorities are still the victims of hate crimes. SJWs are making this worse. We must reclaim the principles of equality and make them real. We cannot abandon equality just because SJWs make it look ugly. That's what they want us to do.

    We need a diverse coalition to show the world that sanity is for everyone.