Saturday, October 22, 2016

Robert Stark interviews Alt Left Blogger Ryan England

Ryan England helps run this very good Alternative Left Facebook group. He has the Alt Left blog Samizdat: For the Freedom Loving Leftist, and has a Samizdat Broadcasts YouTube Channel.

He is interviewed here by Robert Stark (the sound quality is not always the best). They are joined by Rabbit and Alt Left founder Robert Lindsay.

They discuss the following topics:
Ryan’s political journey, and his early experiences with censorship from both the right and left
The political situation in Canada
How Ryan’s interest has always been in labor and economic issues rather than identity politics
Ryan discovered the Alt-Left through Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto and Robert Lindsay‘s blog
Ryan’s manifesto The Alternative Left – What it is
Sub Types on the Alternative Left
The Left Wing of the Alt Right, who are most open to race realism, and opposed to mass immigration, but are also inclined towards some kind of economic socialism or social democracy
The Red Enlightenment which includes Transhumanist, Futurist, and an outlook based on science and reason
The brocialist, Ryan’s article on on Warren Farrell’s book The Myth of Male Power, and how it relates to Marxist theory
The Gammergate left including The Amazing Atheist and Sargon of Akkad
The new Alt Left entriest who are trying to impose political correctness and purge some of the original members
Life of Brian – The People’s Front of Judea
The Regressive Left and how SJWs are the new fascists
The effects of mass immigration on workers, and how the labor movement was historically for immigration restriction
How Corporations have no loyalty to their nations
Ryan points out a Quote from the Communist Manifesto
There is some good discussion of the various groups emerging into a broad “Alt Left” movement, as discussed by Ryan Englund here.

I suspect their talk of “entryists” is a shot at me, given my post here. But then I identity with what I would call the “Realist Left,” which would be very close to, but not the same as, the Alt Left.

And, for the record, I said that I accept that Robert Lindsay is the founder of the Alt Left and has a legitimate place in it. The controversial point is this: Robert Lindsay is a race realist and there are some people on the Alt Left who feel that the evidence really does show that there are real racial differences in things like average IQ.

Personally, I do not deny that race is a real biological concept. But I still defend the environmental position on phenotypic group IQ gaps and the importance of the Flynn effect, and I still think it is a bad mistake for any Alt Left movement to get bogged down into obsessive debates about race.

And, even if race realism were true, none of the laissez faire economic policies proposed by libertarians or other Alt Right policies would follow. Instead, a humane policy I have proposed here would be a better solution.

I also have question for the blogger called “Rabbit”. Does “Rabbit” advocate fascism? He has said in a post here that “A ‘fascism’ minus the sexual puritanism, regressive traditionalism and aggressive imperialism would be okay by me.” It sounds to me, just as I said here, that Rabbit belongs on the Alt Right, which is surely the natural home of fascism.

Finally, I liked the discussion on how a lot of the Old Left was opposed to mass immigration. The modern left has forgotten this, and it is surely one of the worst mistakes of the modern left.

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