Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stephen F. Cohen Interview on US–Russia Relations

An important interview on the ongoing attempts to create conflict between the US and Russia:

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  1. Worth a look if you're trying to create a coherent Alt Left framework:


  2. Stephen Cohen's great, isn't he? Cuts straight through all the BS of both modern American left and right. I do hope he gets to keep his gig at The Nation.

    1. He's married to the publisher and editor. So unless they're having a domestic I'd expect that he'll keep his post.

  3. Off topic but on topic for many recent threads. Check out "new real peer review" on twitter. They tweet summaries of crazy but real pomo papers.

    1. This is amazing stuff:


      LK, get off Foucault and get on this. Quick!

    2. Coyne has a good takedown of that too.

      It is mind boggling isn't it? Except this stuff matters. It is driving how people are treated, or tried in kangaroo campus courts, and censored.

      And consider this the next time you hear about why we need free university.

  4. Crosstalk today has a good one about the election, and the Democrats get grilled pretty good for their nonsense in trying to Commie-Bait Trump:


    The young "Democratic Strategist" (read "Clinton Surrogate" got parboiled for insisting the US Government is certain "those Russians" are behind the whole Clinton email revelations. And rightly so. Trump may be many things, but a Russian toady is not one of them.

    That's why I'm not Right, Left, "Alt-Right," "SJW" "Regressive," or whatever the epithet flavor of the month may be. I'm a truthist, full stop.