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A Post Keynesian Bibliography on Wicksellian Loanable Funds Theory

Wicksellian loanable funds theory still lies at the heart of neoclassical economics.

This was developed by Knut Wicksell.

Wicksellian monetary theory was widely accepted in the period before Keynes’ General Theory, and indeed Keynes himself accepted the natural rate of interest in the Treatise on Money.

The real natural rate of interest lies at the heart of Wicksell’s version of loanable funds theory to equilibrate saving and investment, and links Wicksell’s capital theory with his monetary theory (Rogers 1989: 22). Wicksell’s monetary theory was an attempt to extend the quantity theory to an economy with credit money and loans (Rogers 1989: 23).

For Wicksell, when the money rate of interest at which demand for investment credit and the monetary supply of savings is equal, there is a monetary equilibrium rate. And, when this monetary equilibrium rate is also equivalent to the expected yield on new capital, then the money rate of interest and the real Wicksellian natural rate of interest are equal (Rogers 1989: 39).

In the Wicksellian system, there is a long-run tendency to monetary equilibrium, and Wicksell’s monetary equilibrium approach was adopted and developed in diverse ways by different schools of economists who followed him, as follows:
(1) the Stockholm School;

(2) the Marshallian neoclassical school;

(3) the Austrians and

(4) neoclassical synthesis Keynesianism and modern neoclassical theory.
Wicksellian loanable funds was of course developed in distinct ways by these various schools, and in particular the concept of the natural rate has gone through various incarnations.

I am starting a Post Keynesian bibliography critiquing the Wicksellian loanable funds theory below, which is a work in progress.

Suggestions are welcome:
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