Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jill Stein on Hillary Clinton’s Warmongering over Syria


I agree. The attempt to provoke conflict in Syria with Russia has to be the single most outrageous and dangerous policy being pushed by Clinton.

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  1. I just about had a heart attack when I saw Jill's name a the top of your post list (on my Yahoo feed!) :D

    She certainly has a clear-headed understanding of the Far Right in terms of how Neoliberalism has been throwing the Working Class under the bus. And I think she has compassion for the whole situation as well. Jill Stein has made statements like this more than once.

    I'm currently putting together a blog post about Clinton vs Stein, and this will def round out the points I wish to make, so thanks for the reminder!

    1. I like a lot of what Stein says, but I don't think she's quite the candidate the leftier liberals are looking for. For one, she's advocating blanket paying off 1.2T worth of student debt by printing money. I'm not against MMT, or it's careful use, but this seems like blatant recklessness. Furthermore she's advocating a Green New Deal.

      I'm all for paying off *some* student debt using tax dollars, and maybe a job programme, but it doesn't seem to me like she has the economic-know-how to pull these things off. That might be an issue with the left in general; laissez-faire is pretty simple to set into motion, but a state of careful, calculated, successful regulation and economic management certainly requires people of certain credentials -- the kind of people who aren't always going to be elected.

    2. For one, she's advocating blanket paying off 1.2T worth of student debt by printing money

      Nope.Better go look into that again:

      She advocates forgiving the debt. Like Steve Keen says "That money came from nowhere and it oughta go back into nowhere."

      "Furthermore she's advocating a Green New Deal."

      Totally Keynesian and totally in line with this blog - or at least to my understanding. LK can correct me if I'm wrong.

      but it doesn't seem to me like she has the economic-know-how to pull these things off

      BS. No one POTUS candidate ever does. That's why they have advisors.

  2. V interesting.

  3. That makes two of us, LK. The notion of war with Russia over Syria, when the US still can't produce a single "moderate" who could feasibly control Syria after Assad in a way that doesn't involve secetarian massacres of all non-Sunni and Salafi theocratic governance, is mind blowing. The Iraq and Libya disasters could be slightly more forgivable if Hillary and others had learned from them; judging from their stance on Syria, they've learned nothing from those mistakes.

    Mark Ames and John Dolan had a fairly good interview with Max Blumenthal on the hypocrisy in the coverage of Syria, among other issues. It's currently behind a paywall, but here's an excerpt:

    If any commentators are interested in the entire interview, let me know and I'll upload it.

  4. Lord Keynes, it's interesting that Donald Trump is overperforming elitist Willard Mitt Romney precisely where the (elitist, pro-tariff, pro-business) Republicans were popular 100 years ago:
    The days of Goldwater's and Bush's Southern Strategy are over. The days of Trump's Northern Strategy have begun.