Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tucker Carlson versus Unhinged Far Leftist


What can you even say at this point?

The far left thinks Trump is Literally HitlerTM even though he *actually* called for
(1) peace with Russia repeatedly during the campaign (while Hillary Clinton was demanding policies to incite conflict and even war with Russia in Syria),

(2) an “America First” foreign policy which called for *less intervention* worldwide and harkened back to the isolationist American dislike of war,

(3) rejecting the insane Neoconservative policy of endless wars for regime change in the Middle East, and

(4) called for serious rethinking of NATO.
These are *not* the hallmarks of a fascist regime, which would be demanding war on all fronts.

If anything, the Neoconservative dominance of America under George W. Bush has a much greater claim to being labelled a period of American quasi-fascism.

It was the Neoconservative warmongers who were responsible for the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, torture, kidnapping, black prisons, assassinations, and the mass slaughter and civil war in Iraq caused by their invasion and occupation.

But Trump has earned almost nothing but extreme hostility from Neoconservatives, and hardcore Neocons – for example, like John Bolton or Elliott Abrams – have not been brought into his administration.

Any honest and fair assessment of the administration even now suggests it may be a retreat from fanatical Neoconservative policies.

The true intellectual and political forebear of Donald Trump is Pat Buchanan – not Hitler. Pat Buchanan was, and is, an American Paleoconservative, and a type of isolationist, who has vehemently and repeatedly objected to America being an empire and its horror show of endless Neocon wars.

And what about President Trump’s attitude to nuclear weapons now? See this clip:

Obviously, military people explained to him the terrifying, destructive power of modern thermonuclear weapons. I suspect he understands very well how insane using such weapons would be, despite the ravings of the far Left.


  1. LK, you regressive leftist, how dare you suggest that the US invasion and mismanagement of Iraq played a role in the explosion of a secetarian civil war there! Didn't you check what the great neocon thinker Bill Kristol had to say on Iraq shortly after Trump's election? The war in Iraq was right and necessary, and the US won it! Iraqi's chose civil war for themselves!

    On a more serious note, Rand Paul had made a similar observation about the despicable John McCain, another reactionary hawk who hates Trump for having the audacity to recognize that "Problem in the world+US military intervention=A Viable Solution" hasn't been the case for decades, if it ever was reality to begin with. It's telling that the right wingers who are most vocally opposed to Trump are the biggest hawks. If Trump's advisors can get him off the course of hostility to Iran, America might actually be able to start spending money on rebuilding this country, rather than rebuilding some backwater in Afghanistan.

    The Trump=Hitler talk is truly insane. I had thought that fascism can not be properly understood outside of its opposition to communism; given Trump has been mum on the threat of communists, calling him a fascist makes absolutely no sense.

  2. There was a way to stop Trump. There was an election on Nov. 8, 2016.

    I bet Ms.Taylor sat it out, to the same effect as the Trotskyites and others who supported Jill Stein.

  3. I am told Trump is Putin's stooge, and about to let Putin eat most of Eastern Europe.

    I am also told Trump is about to start a nuclear war with Putin.

    Trump's greatest political gift is his ability to make his critics crazy.

  4. Trump has picked up on some of the issues and talking points Buchanan pushed for beginning in the early 90s, but I would not say Trump is an ideological or principled isolationist like Buchanan is. Trump is not opposed to interventionism on principle like Buchanan is. Buchanan has no problem with Iran, is against Israel, and wants to withdraw from Europe, the Mideast, and cede the Pacific to China. Trump, needless to say, does not support these things.

    Trump recognized that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were unpopular, which is why he was critical of them and of the neocon interventionism of the Bush years. But he also knows that "fighting the terrorists", hostility to Iran, and militarism are generally popular, which is why he described himself as "the most militaristic person" during the campaign, said he would "bomb the shit out of ISIS" and that military force against Iran is on the table, promised for more military spending and building more ships and nukes.

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