Thursday, February 2, 2017

Far Left Lunatics Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos Talk

At the University of California, Berkeley:

This precisely confirms what I said in my last post.

You can bet that tons of these far left idiots think Milo is Literally HitlerTM, even though Milo – for anybody who has taken the time to understand him – is gay, Jewish critic of cultural leftism, who sometimes speaks the language of cultural libertarianism, and at other times of civic nationalism.

For instance, Milo, whatever you think of him, does actually strongly defend gay rights against a certain gay-hating religious fundamentalism from the Third World. Is that fascism?!?

But of course in 2017 these things make you Literally HitlerTM to the insane cultural left and far left. Shame on these people.

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  1. I would not be surprised when Trump cuts off federal funding to Berkely and plases like It. Trump already tweeted abot this. They have promised that they won't comply with federal law when It commes to immigration etc. It cannot be accomplished overnight but I think Milo is right when he says tha SJW-sm will die in 2017. A lot of people are fed up with it. It is mostly far left and a small minority like you say but they are socially very active.

    1. If Trump tries to withhold Federal funding out as away of holding State & Local governments hostage to his agenda, he's in for a big surprise. A legal one.

    2. As the law stands, probably true. Good thing a party controlling both houses and the presidency cannot change a law.

    3. Good think state attorney generals can't mess with your shizz... like with Obamacare?

  2. Has Trump expressed a view on BDS's right to freedom of speech on campus?

    Milos always seemed like he's trolling in the name of freedom of speech, and this demonstrates his talent. It's tough to take issue with him when he's understood on those grounds. It's quite easy and amusing to extract tears from SJWs and their celebrity allies, and Milos mines their misery better than anyone.

    Ken B pointed out before the election that President-Elect Trump would be worth it for the liberal meltdowns alone. Months after the election, Milos and others continue to prove Ken's still right.

    1. "freedom of speech"

      Doesn't mean freedom from the consequences of what you say.

    2. I don't disagree with you on that at all, Kev. If Milos is doing it for the lulz, though, having his speech shut down by more militant leftists is not a loss for Milos.

  3. Sane leftists need to come out forcefully on this or be tarred with it.

    1. Oh, is that a threat? ;-)

      I'll back Christina Hoff Sommers or someone I actually believe in, tyvm. She had similar treatment although it didn't make headlines.

    2. You show your usual perceptiveness Kevin. And your usual moral courage too -- "I don't agree with him, you can beat him."

    3. Or, how about the adult approach?

      "I realize there's consequences to what I say, and others are not obligated to be my personal army?"

      Different when you look at it that way? I think so!

    4. Beatings and burnings are not justifiable "consequences".

    5. Ken, get real. Would you go up to Mike Tyson and call him a "Dirty N___" and fall back on your 1st Amendment rights in hopes you won't get the stuffing beat out of you? I didn't think so.

  4. Now if he could only cut off funding to all these elitist colleges. Too many of these kinds of clowns coming out of these schools with the most vapid ideas anyway and no understanding of economics whatsoever.

  5. CNN called Milo a white supremacist. That's what this Trump election is also about. Milo might be divisive, even hateful towards Islam but he is not a white supremacist. Organisations like Southern Poverty Law Center have a political agenda that fits this narrative.

    Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin: I consider much of what Mr. Yiannopoulos says to be hateful. But I regret and apologize for the white national label.

    Pat Condell about free speech on campus:

    Of course Milo is a warrior here and not really a victim. His book is becoming a best seller

    1. Yes. I prefer to defend free speech without refering to the views or speaker I am defending, as I would defend Milo's rights even if he were a racist. But he's not, and he's not a trans-basher either.

    2. Some photos.
      Give you a chubby Kevin?

    3. Sure thing Ken. Almost as much as looking at the photos of the carnage in Gaza about 2 years ago.

  6. I realize you don't pick your readers, much less your commenters LK, but ... "you do pick'em". Kevin is clearly endorsing violence against Milo and his audience. He'd defend Sommers's rights; the implication is he won't back those of anyone he really dislikes. And of course when audience members are beaten things are torched *and the speech is not even allowed to be given* why then "speech has consequences". Even muzzled speech that never was spoken!

    As an aside, I was pleased to see the parliamentary Brexit vote. Not just for the result, which I favour, but for the acceptance of the process. A lot of memebers oppose Brexit, but there was a process, the process was followed, the result was very clear, so most of them accept that. That's how things work in a representative constitutional democracy. And no talk about moving to Canada!

    1. I was in favor of Brexit too. Trump is kind of a weird figure but most of all I am in favor of getting rid of this disease what we saw in Berkely. This is happening in a different form all over the place, even in the comments here. That's why I am still a strong believer in national democracy. I don't live in US but US influences the rest of the world. Trump is probably the best thing that could happen to Western democracy. The mainstream left is totally exposed for what they are.

    2. And of course when audience members are beaten things are torched *and the speech is not even allowed to be given* why then "speech has consequences". Even muzzled speech that never was spoken

      Time for a little sit-down talk, Mr. Ken ;-)

      The "Adult" approach to anything of this nature is that whilst we have freedom of speech, we do not as a result have freedom from other people's reactions.

      When I was a professional Radio DJ, there used to be a saying that's photocopied and pinned to the corkboard of practically every station in America:


      If you are wondering...

      *What to say? - Don't say it!

      *What to play? - Don't play it!

      Or some variations thereof. This was a point made during the freakin' Reagan years, no less! I remember in my college radio days a student wanted to play a funny blurb based on a Chaka-Khan song about the Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh. If you don't know who that was, look it up. The Station Manager refused it because "I think there might be bloodshed as a result of this" and "It's not what you mean, it's what I 'think' you mean."

      You see Ken, you fall into the same trap of the "SJW's" you so intensely revile, when you assume your inalienable right to your opinion with no opposition.

      Now if you want to have something to get all riled up about, go look up "Warren Farrell University Of Toronto" on Youtube and see some of what comes up. That's the reaction of some of the Neo-Marxist crazies to a speech about Male Suicide just because "You're Patriarchal Rape Apologist scum!!!"

      And you want me to get excited about the Conservatives and their new "Gay Rock Star?"

      Sorry, it doesn't even come close in my book.

    3. Since I'm the worst of the frequent commentators and did suggest I agree with Kev that speech has consequences, this may be pointed towards me, so I should clarify that violence also has consequences. Those who broke the law shutting this speech down should be held accountable for their actions, just as the fellow who punched Spencer should be charged with assault. If you feel strongly enough about a speaker that you'll resort to violence to prevent them from talking, you should also be willing to accept the consequences when you break the law.

    4. And SHN Kevin is up to his old tricks. I don't deny that thugs act like thugs, I only assert that I condemn them for it, and we should punish them. Kevin seems to applaud them. That's what we are debating after all: whether LK is right to say "shame on these people." Kevin and I are on opposite sides of that question.

  7. Here's a bit of cold water in the face as a wake-up for those of you championing Milo as your new martyr:

    1. See? There it is again. No-one is championing Milo. We are championing people's rights.

  8. Adams