Friday, February 10, 2017

Peter Navarro sounds Eminently Sensible to Me

Peter Navarro seems to have become a major economic adviser to Trump. He’s clearly a smart guy and, unlike hordes of delusional economists, Navarro understands the threat to the Western world from the aggressive mercantilism of China.

And what he says here is so great it is music to the ears:

In fact, generally speaking, everything he says here is in line with what a Post Keynesian would advocate as a trade and industrial policy for America (even if there might be disagreements on precisely how to do it).

If only Trump can implement this protectionist industrial policy properly, it will be fantastic for America.

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  1. Everything he says? Everything? Even the death camps? Can you not read between the lines?? When he says "President Trump" he *means* nazi dictatorship. Literally Hitler my friend. Hitler with bad breath.

    Do you not even read the links Kevin supplies?

  2. Sounds okay, but it's all talk until we see some results as far as I'm concerned.

    Here's Mike Norman's take from his video on Trump earlier today, although he's not in the best of sorts ;-)

    1. Kevin, are you in favor of chinese level real wages in US? Or maybe you think that there is a magic wand somewhere to increase experts?

    2. Manufacturing will never create the number of jobs that it did however that changes nothing. What people will do for work in the 21st century is a real problem manufacturing or not and you still want the robots to be owned and controlled from in-house even when we reach the point of absolute redundancy. A nation doesn't export its technology and its advantage simply because these are becoming more advanced and vital. On the contrary if robots are so important we need British robots under the authority of the British.

    3. Kevin, are you in favor of chinese level real wages in US? Or maybe you think that there is a magic wand somewhere to increase experts

      Wtf are you talking about? LOL I don't fathom this gobbledygook :D Explain.

    4. Ok after rereading your sentence, I think I know what you're trying to say. I still don't see how it's relevant to anything I've said or the video I posted.

  3. Speaking of the illustrious Mr Navarro:

    FREE University-Level course taught by the man himself~!