Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A European Poll on Public Attitudes to Immigration

See here:
(1) David Cutts, Thomas Raines, and Matthew Goodwin. “What Do Europeans Think About Muslim Immigration?,” Chatham House, 7 February 2017.

(2) Samuel Osborne, “Most Europeans want Immigration Ban from Muslim-Majority Countries, Poll Reveals,” Independent, 8 February 2017.
Uh oh.

It’s almost like the evidence is rapidly accumulating that the public is increasingly and strongly against mass immigration, on multiple levels, whether it’s open borders immigration within the EU, Third World mass immigration, or mass immigration of a certain religious group.

So why is it that the mainstream left and conservative parties in Europe have utter contempt for public opinion?

If the populist right sweeps into power in Europe by 2020, could it be that this issue might have something to do with it?

Could it be that the only Left that will ever win again in a serious way will have to accept severe immigration restriction? Or is that too much like common sense?

If Europe had politicians and parties who offered people the option of immigration restriction, political and economic independence from the EU, and an old-fashioned, European-style full employment, protectionist economics, such politicians would probably be sweeping into power all over Europe.

As it stands, the only parties in Europe that capture enough of this program (but often minus the leftist economics) are the Conservative Populists, e.g., UKIP, the National Front in France, the Sweden Democrats, Alternative for Germany (AfD), and Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party in the Netherlands.

In fact, in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party may actually be the most popular party in the coming election on 15 March (see here and here).

In France, Marine Le Pen is stealing the Left’s economic program and attacking globalisation and urging protectionism:

Since immigration restriction is actually a long-standing Old Left policy, we have reached an astonishing state of affairs in the West when the National Front is presenting a more plausible old Social Democratic or Old Left program than modern French socialists.

A final – and troubling – issue here is that there really are profoundly serious social and cultural problems in Europe with mass Muslim immigration.

But of course the Left won’t talk about it. The Left actively attempts to hide the truth and demonise and slander anybody willing to talk straightforwardly and honestly about it.

The reason why the populist right and even (unfortunately) the far right in Europe is gaining such popularity is that they are, pretty much, the only people willing to talk about the disaster happening in countries like, say, Sweden:

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  1. We want nationalism to be some sort of check and balance on altruism. The point where you say "I've had enough of all you people, I'm doing what's best for me".

    In other words nationalism is collective selfishness and power-hunger - let's not fool ourselves - and the trick is how to mingle that with contradictory ethics?

  2. Here is some food of thought, if you are defending classical liberal values then that has bocome a conservative position. "Why I Left the Left"

    As far as nationalism goes in Europe, here is an interesting article

    "Even a senior policeman told me the other day that 60 per cent of his officers will vote for the Freedom Party. They are not racists. They know what it’s like in the real world working with the day-to-day consequences of open borders and uncontrolled immigration.

    The white political elite, who defend a multicultural Holland, have no idea what’s going on"

  3. Of interest:

    SJW left disintegrating and fracturing. So much for "intersectionality".

  4. I think there's a divergence of opinion on immigration coming for the Left. Those who see altruism towards genuine refugees as a good thing predominate, but many are coming to question whether moving a small proportion of those affected by war / natural disaster around the world is the most altruistic solution. After all, it does nothing for the (mostly) women and children left behind.
    At the same time, some few leftists inAustralia recognise that mass immigration of non-refugees is virtually indefensible on any objective grounds. I see a growing appetite for low-immigration policies that maintain - or even improve - outcomes for displaced people, while cutting back on the numbers overall.

    1. Yes, the left-wing and pro-refugee New Matilda website has called for debate on a sustainable approach to immigration:

  5. What about Sweden, with its feminist government?

  6. I think the promotion and defense of Islam in the west by leaders at the highest levels has a simple explanation. It was a compromise for the flow of oil, gas and financing from Arab states. In other words western leaders are selling out their cultures to maintain the standard of living. The timing of State sponsored Islam in the west coincides with western governments slipping into extreme debt. It is the simplest and most logical explanation.