Thursday, February 9, 2017

The True Face of US Neoconservatism

Blame the terrible social and economic problems that the US white working class now faces because of Neoconservative and Neoliberal economics and open borders on the white working class itself, and then demand that the white working class be *replaced* by mass immigration because they didn’t vote the way Bill Kristol wanted:

Even worse, this disgusting mentality probably infests the cultural left too and, say, the anti-Brexit Liberal left in Britain: if ordinary people reject cultural leftist/liberal policies in elections, then replace them!


  1. SJW-s and regressive left are 100% behind this assault.

  2. In conversations in places like NYC and among reader comments to the NYT, it is fairly common to hear a pro-unlimited immigration chauvinism, advocating the replacement of benighted old and white (used as insults) Americans in flyover country, who are not hip, "diverse" and primarily interested, for example, in breaking glass ceilings for already affluent women and minorities. These barriers to progress of course need to be replaced by younger, more vibrant (ethnic) immigrants from favored races, nationalities and cultures.

    During last year's campaign, it was even more common to read comments bemoaning the insufficiently rapid rate of white working-class demographic decline (everyone knows those people are stupid bigots; otherwise they'd be supporting Hillary Clinton).

    Worst of all, when stories were published (again in the NYT)reporting declining life-expectancy for poor and working class whites, many people made comments to the effect of "too bad, but they deserve it." Others mocked white people for not being strong and resilient like other groups and some posited a cultural defect as the reason why. One person simply wrote "karma". That comment received around fifty reader recommendations. I was pretty taken aback that, yes, quite of few people on the smug cultural left seem to believe in some sort of generalized, intergenerational racial guilt and punishment (to be exacted on only the rubes of course.

    The comparative lack of formal academic credentials among the white working class was taken as clear evidence of their stupidity. Some people came close to hinting that only people with higher degrees are truly qualified to vote (approved minority members of the Democratic base excepted of course). I was tempted to ask if they favored instituting some sort of poll test.

  3. Ah yes, the spoiled and lazy native. Propped up by the vital, industrious immigrant. Western economies would be screwed without constant replenishment from the vibrant developing world.

    Frankly, this is an urban myth that rivals the Hawkesbury River monster for lack of objective evidence.

    For every Charlie Teo (Australian neurosurgeon who arrived as a child migrant) there are dozens of migrants who are unremarkable, receiving welfare or in prison. If the political elite argues that immigration from Muslim countries shouldn't be stopped on the basis of the 'one bad apple', surely the reverse applies too. Mass immigration introduces a host of social, environmental and economic costs that no government has successfully come to terms with. So with that in mind, does it make sense to persevere on the basis of the 'one good apple' - like Charlie Teo - who's constantly held up as an example of migrant excellence? I don't think so.

    In Australia, the key supporters of mass immigration are big business, who see a rapidly growing population as positive (more consumers, cheaper labour) and ageing social justice warriors who instinctively believe that mass immigration is a virtuous response to 'racism'. The fact that these two groups represent important constituencies for the Liberal and Labor parties is relevant.


  4. You had a video of Simon Schama some time ago. Did you read his recent op-ed lamenting how terrible it was aged whites in flyover country could take the government away from the diverse coastal cities? I exaggerate only in the explicitness of my language. His piece was quite remarkable. Even worse really than Kristol.

  5. Kristol has now tweeted he'd prefer rule by the "deep state" to the elected Trump. Good to know.