Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why Britain entered the EEC

Sir Humphrey Appleby, from Yes, Minister, explains:

And now the EU is a right cock-up, it’s time for Britain to leave!!* Therefore if you are British, vote Brexit on June 23.

And, moreover, it looks like the “Leave” camp may have taken the lead in the polls.

*P.S. for the blockheads this post is in a facetious spirit – though not the plea to vote Brexit.


  1. What's both funny and slightly depressing about Yes Minister is that it was written about the 1970s Labour government, applied perfectly to the Thatcher government, and it is still true today.

    The Yes, Prime Minister 'Papers' quote is similarly still true today.

  2. Seven point lead GO Britain! ;-)


  3. I haven't watched that in ages. Must seek some out.

    I like the slogan, BeLeave.