Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit: A Working Class Revolt driving Arrogant, Fantasy-World, Bourgeois Leftists Insane

This is becoming more and more clear now.

And now there is a full scale New Labour revolt against Jeremy Corbyn going on as we speak.

If Jeremy Corbyn is smart, he will now (1) come out as strongly anti-EU, (2) purge the Blairite and New Labour scum from the leadership, and (3) finally reject open borders and catastrophic non-EU mass immigration too, and make a massive bid to win back the working class. But I am not holding my breath on (3).


  1. It's both satisfying and revolting to have my expectations of the left so rapidly and fully confirmed.

    The lesson you should draw my friend is that you are not one of them.

    1. From Ralph Nader & Noam Chomsky to "Lexit," there are always plenty of good people to identify oneself as a Progressive with. In many ways it still makes more sense than the Right. AFACIS the "Conservative" UK government is Neoliberal, also.