Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Unsinkable EU Titanic!

Given the hysterical outrage over Brexit from Liberals and pro-EU leftists, I think it’s high time for some pro-Brexit humour.

My effort:



  1. Some of us, in light of the vote, are asking tough questions.

  2. btw LK this is a petition supported by bill mitchell i think it will be good if you will post it on twitter or here :)

  3. BTW, the Labour Party of the UK is completely destroyed by infighting now.

    I am sure you feel that is good news, because you feel it will prevent the Blairites from coming back to power, but don't think this makes the Tories significantly stronger?

    1. One can hope. One can also fear it will make the LD stronger, and they are emerging as the anti-Brexit party.

    2. Why is a Blairite Labour Party an acceptable "alternative" to the Tories?

  4. At this point, anything that shakes up the neoliberal order is a good thing, even if the Right takes advantage of things like Brexit. It is better to suffer some pain now and have a chance to get out from under neoliberalism in the future than to stay the course and allow the neoliberal elites to further solidify their power to the point where reform will become impossible.

    Lately I have been thinking that so-called progressives and liberals (really the regressive Left) are more of a danger than the Right because they seem more reasonable on the face of things. They use cultural issues and identity politics to hide the devastation caused by neoliberal policies on the working class. This is how you get the Clintons, Obamas, and Blairites passed off as the "Left."

    Right-wing populists might be loathsome on some issues but they are helping to put class issues back on the table after almost 30 years of kabuki politics.