Saturday, June 4, 2016

Neocons Run Third Party Candidate: He Thinks US White Working Class Should Die

People well informed about the current US presidential election should know that the neoconservatives – America’s all-star team of warmongering foreign policy GOP elite – have had a massive falling out with Donald Trump (e.g., see here). That assault on the neocon and GOP elite is summed up by this amusing cartoon here.

The result of all this has been that now one neocon faction prefers to vote for Hillary, and the other faction led by neocon-in-chief William Kristol is supporting an alternative candidate to run against Trump.

Ol’ Bill has been doing the rounds of US talk shows for weeks now assuring the #NeverTrump party faithful that they will have a splendid candidate to vote for – even while driving pro-Trump conservatives insane with rage, as illustrated in this video:

People’s interest was piqued a few days ago by this tweet by Kristol.

Well, Kristol apparently has made his pick: some neocon hack and nobody called David A. French (ughh, change your profile photo, dude), who is yet to make a decision.

But it gets better than this. As we know, many GOP establishment conservatives and the neocons have been foaming at the mouth over Trump’s stunning victories and also enraged that his support seems to come from angry white working class voters who have been savaged by decades of their free trade neoliberalism.

A while ago the leading US conservative journal National Review published this atrocity of an article here, in which Kevin Williamson vents his spleen at America’s poor white working class and proclaimed his belief that the “truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die” (see more here).

Well, guess what? Old David French – possible neocon candidate for president – is in wholehearted agreement with Williamson’s view of the white working class, and said so in this stunning defence here.

Good luck with that run for president, David!!

Is this American neoconservatism in 2016? Really? Infected with a genocidal hatred of their own people?


  1. I read the piece by Kevin Williamson, and it makes some sense.

    If you are a working class white person in a very prosperous western nation, then something had to go very wrong if your economic situation goes under. You have access to opportunities that people in China and Africa do not, and unlike minority communities, you can't use discrimination or racism as a defense or an excuse.

    The words "deserve to die" are too harsh, but it is undeniable that a working class white person is in a better position than a Chinese worker and a Mexican immigrant.

    1. if you are not living in a big city or close to one you have limited option as an unskilled worker in the U.S not to mention that this immigrants decrease their salary

    2. God forbid that American public policy should be more concerned with the interests of its working class (white or black) than with the interests of a foreign Chinese worker or a Mexican immigrant!

      It's really sad that the new shaming device about the "pro-Free Trade" movement is to shame guys like Bernie Sanders for promoting pro-American working class "protectionism" because that will hurt non-American workers. As if there isn't any other way to promote third world development without destroy America's working and middle classes.

    3. Dear Kain, to save "working and middle classes" we need to tell them the truth, instead of the "politically correct" lies that you spread.

  2. David French? Heeeeeeee's out~! ;-)

  3. In era of Trump, what is a Republican? A defender of constitutionalism? Rule of law? Limited government? Defense of liberty? Sound finances? - Bill Kristol

    1. Easy: the Republicans have gone back to their 19th century roots, when they were the party of protectionism, tariffs and infrastructure spending: