Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tucker Carlson versus Crazed Neocon Max Boot


Tucker even called him out on the Iraq war and disastrous interventions in the Middle East.

You know a big shift has taken place within America politics and on the Right, when – on Fox News itself – its most popular interview program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” can launch what is basically an attack on Neoconservatism, even though nobody explicitly mentioned the word “Neoconservative” or “Neocon.”

The Neoconservative worldview is an unhinged and grotesque one of perpetual war. Apart from the fact that the Neocons were the driving force behind the criminal and illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 – and the descent of America into a state using torture, kidnapping, black prisons, and assassinations – let’s take the Neocons’ (and the US Liberal elite’s) current obsession: Putin’s Russia.

Regarding Putin, let’s take the primary charge of the Neocons: Putin is an evil human right abuser. Well, no doubt Putin’s regime has some ugly human rights abuses and other troubling issues.

But, curiously, the authoritarian Communist government of China is undoubtedly a far more brutal and repressive human rights abuser than Putin, but American Conservatives – including the Neocons – have no problem with the free trade policies that destroy US manufacturing and ship it to China, even while they impose new economic sanctions on Russia. China is a far more dangerous global and economic competitor to the US than Russia, but Neocons and even the US Liberal elite are more than happy to give their industry and technology away to the Communist Chinese. This is clown world. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

The Neocons were hysterical opponents of Trump from the very beginning, because Trump in 2016 refused (apart, admittedly, from attacking the Iran deal) to follow their policies on Russia, Syria and on regime change in the wider Middle East.

And notice the insane insults from these Neocons: everybody who disagrees with them is a fascist or Nazi. This is the same rhetoric that you get on the Left.

Curiously, the earliest Neoconservatives were Liberal leftists before they migrated to the Right: they came out of the Democratic party in the 1970s and joined the Republicans when they got disillusioned with the anti-war movements on the Liberal left.

Many of the first generation Neocons were actually Trotskyists and socialists associated with the City College of New York and the 1930s/1940s New York Intellectuals.

These ideologues have always wanted war, war, and more war, and the highly amusing meme pushed by in the 2000s that the Neocons had become the new Liberal Trotskyists (here and here) has a great deal in its favour.

If the Neocon ideology is slowing dying on the American Right, this is a very good thing indeed.

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  1. Off topic. May be of interest:

  2. The neocons want to fight every war, except the necessary one, which is with China on Trade.

  3. It seems true that US neocons prefer the Chinese government to Putin. And your point about China's human rights record vis a vis Russia's is a good one.
    So why do neocons get so hysterical about Russia?

    I have a few theories.
    (1) Neocons actually regret the end of the Cold War in the same way that ageing SJW's wish it was 1968 again. Soviet communism united the Right and gave it a tangible enemy to mobilise against. China, being Communist in name only and an example to the world of how to use a highly disciplined labour market to achieve economic growth, just doesn't tick enough boxes to get on the neocon hate list. Putin, on the other hand, retains a nationalistic streak that doesn't sit well with globalist neocons. He listens to Dugin. It's easier to just keep hating on Russia.
    (2) Russians are white. Neocons are so conditioned to fear being accused of racism that they find it awkward to criticise China.
    (3) Russia is involved in the Middle East. China isn't. Neocons, Israel.. Enough said.

    From an Australian perspective, Chinese economic imperialism is no longer just a threat. It's here and it's taking it's toll. Our own neocons ape their American cousins as always but Russia is no threat to us - and probably never really was.