Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Cultural Left’s War on Straight, White Male Science

Behold the continuing saga of insanity from the Cultural Left:
Kristine Phillips, “Why these Professors are warning against Promoting the Work of Straight, White Men,” Washingtonpost.com, July 16, 2017.
What’s next from these utter psychopaths?

For example, it is well known that Jewish people – and above all Jewish men – are greatly overrepresented amongst Nobel laureates in the sciences and other fields: Jewish people are just 0.2% of the world population but (mostly) Jewish men are about 22% of Nobel laureates (you can easily see that they are virtually all men here). So are male scientists who happen to be Jewish included in this SJW rant about white male science?

Science needs the best, most intelligent people in order to advance human knowledge. And we know why – with respect to the hard natural sciences – this is likely to be mostly men, as I have explained here. The reason is a biological one, grounded in differences in the distribution of male and female IQs, average gender differences in specific cognitive abilities like mathematics and visual-spatial ability, and gender differences in behavioural and psychological traits. In addition, the reason why Jewish men are so overrepresented amongst Nobel laureates in the sciences, and hard sciences generally (Cochran 2010: 189–190), is because of these reasons, as well as the remarkable fact that Ashkenazi Jews probably have an average IQ that lies somewhere in the 107–115 range, the highest average IQ of any ethnic group in the world.

So, when Cultural Leftist lunatics scream abuse at straight, white male scientists, are they also including male Jewish scientists in this? And, if so, wouldn’t this make SJWs anti-Semitic?

But – wait a minute, people! – doesn’t this remind you of a certain fascist movement from the 1930s??:
“ … the entire idea of ‘white male science’ reminds me, I’m afraid, of ‘Jewish physics.’ Perhaps it is another inadequacy of mine, but when I read a scientific paper, I can’t tell whether the author is white or is male. The same is true of discussion of work in class, the office, or somewhere else. I rather doubt that the non-white, non-male students, friends, and colleagues with whom I work would be much impressed with the doctrine that their thinking and understanding differ from ‘white male science’ because of their ‘culture or gender and race.’ I suspect that ‘surprise’ would not be quite the proper word for their reaction.”
Noam Chomsky, 1995. “Rationality/Science,” Z Papers Special Issue
If you have any doubt about the utter evil and depravity of the Cultural Left, then just think rationally about this perfectly reasonable comparison made by Chomsky.

Anybody who rants about “straight, white male science” is on the same level as a person who rants about “Jewish physics,” plain and simple. They are likely given over to vicious racial hatred and racial prejudice, even if that hatred is only implicit. The only difference is that this racial hatred and prejudice is directed at white people.

Such people deserve zero tolerance. They deserve total ridicule and contempt.

Cochran, Gregory and Henry Harpendin. 2010. 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution. BasicBooks, New York.

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  1. Agreed. A large part of the problem is that these toads are professors in bullshit subjects. "Social geography " sounds like a science but it isn't. We need to end these. I have no good idea how, except by reducing the subsidies for getting a bullshit degree.