Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Alt Right and SJWs: Peas in a Pod

Amongst the Alt Right and SWJs we have eerie similarities:
(1) selection of a chosen group, who are blamed for much of the evil in society;

(2) the belief that the chosen group unjustly (secretly or openly) controls society and its institutions for its own benefit only and oppresses everybody else;

(3) direction of the most extreme, irrational and pathological hatred for this group, sometimes with homicidal rhetoric, which both groups respectively defend as “edgy humour” (see here).
The only difference is the group chosen: Jews for the Alt Right, and straight white men for the SJWs.

This fact should be thrown in the faces of cultural leftists so that they can see how unhinged and hateful their ideas and behaviour actually are.

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  1. They both have their baskets of irredeemable deplorables.

    If you want hateful you really need to watch and hear Hillary make the comments. Trump put clips in a very effective ad. She has made stoking the prejudice of the SJWs central to her campaign.

    1. If you really want hateful you should already be all stocked up--Trump's been providing you with more than enough of what you want since he first launched his campaign. Ads chock full of proof have been airing since before the RNC convention, and he's only provided more fodder since then. You have to wonder whether it's a deliberate strategy on his part or whether he just can't help himself.

  2. ..but but but.. It's okay when our side does it, because that would be "Punching up!" Calling for death of your scapegoat group is only "satire"!

  3. Btw, don't (1) and (2) basically apply to most--arguably all--ideological persuasions? I mean, doesn't the Alt-Left do (1) and (2) with neoliberals? Conservatives do them both with the left, liberals do them both with conservatives...every ideology needs a villain to give itself a teleology and justify itself.

    1. I don't claim neoliberalism controls all of the society or all institutions, so, no.