Saturday, September 17, 2016

European Elites Unhinged

Read this stunning article here. This is the opinion of Morgan Johansson, Sweden’s migration minister.

He wants Europe to receive a *million migrants a year* for the foreseeable future, and a “permanent mechanism to distribute asylum seekers among EU countries.”

That is a recipe not just for populist right victory all over Europe, but quite possibly a far right Europe in the not too distant future.

That so few people can see this coming beggars belief.

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  1. The contempt among European Elites towards national sovereignty is quite astonishing. It was a reasonable expectation of every European Nation entering the EU, that although there was a free movement of people IN the EU, that each individual nation had the right to determine who could immigrate OUTSIDE the EU.

    Crazy how they're trying to sue Hungary (and I'm assuming Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland et al too) over not bowing to their will.

    1. Estonia is very obedient, the people in Estonia are not very happy about immigrants however. In fact there is much more xenophobia in Estonia about muslims (about even blacks, I lived in America for almost ten years, so I know the racial issues there pretty well) than it is in America. We have our elites who talk down to people and say that Estonians have to respect the "European values". Generally the people in Estonia are pro EU, they've been scared that isolation will bring catastrophy and possibly Russian invasion. That is why even the people who would be supportive for Trump, are against him, because Trump team made some comments about not wanting a nuclear war with Russia about Baltics.

  2. Million immigrants per year would be no problem for Europe per se. It is more about the EU distribution mechanism and not being decided by national parliaments.