Sunday, September 11, 2016

Clintons’ Hypocrisy


And now Hillary is running for president and implying that the very idea of enforcing immigration laws or having proper national borders with Mexico are an outrage?

The point here is not whether such restrictive policies are justified: it is the utter hypocrisy both of the Clintons and the hordes of liberal Democrats defending them to their last breath all over social media.

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  1. LK

    look at this haha

  2. Give her some credit, LK. As Hillary points out, unlike Trump, she doesn't praise dictators! If we ignore her praise for dictators in Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Yemen, and Libya, as well as her calls to revise policies towards Putin, Hillary's claim is accurate!

  3. Not just this issue either. They both supported DOMA, which was a democrat introduced bill. They both supported the kind of religious exemptions in laws about gay rights etc that the irredeemable deplorables support.

    1. Well said. And with their usual instinct to deceive people, H Clinton said during the primaries that Bill only supported DOMA because it would help avoid a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. Bollocks.

  4. Immigration from Mexico has dried up since 2008, for the obvious reason of a lack of work. However as the economy recovers we can expect more immigrants to be sucked into the US, so Democrat denial about this is a losing battle.