Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some Sanity on Russia

This guy is fantastic. We need US détente with Russia, not another bloody mad, neocon war:


  1. This is the biggest issue in the world today and NO ONE is paying attention. Only insiders have half a clue:

    But it is SOOO dangerous. People have no idea. The possibility of nuclear confrontation in the next five years is non-negligible. The entire world should be shaking in their boots over this. But they're not.

    Meanwhile Clinton is the worst place person to deal with anything like this crisis. She is extremely aggressive in her foreign policy stance and, as we've seen in Libya, has extremely poor judgement as to the consequences of her actions. She also has a bee in her bonnet about Putin in particular and now she is peddling unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about him being behind the DNC email leak. This plays to another aspect of Clinton's personality: her extreme paranoia that seems to have emerged when the Clintons were under attack in the 1990s and has led to other lapses in judgement such as her private email server.

  2. Given the democrats are fully embracing the role of the jingoist party this cycle, it may be worth noting that many of the "USA! USA! USA!" cheers at the DNC convention were to drown out Bernie supporters chanting "NO MORE WAR."

  3. I don't know if I buy his sanguine view of Putin, but he is surely right about the lack of debate and the need for it.