Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Reality of Economic Migration

In interesting analyses here:
Dan Hannan, “Misdiagnosing the Refugee Crisis,” Washington Examiner, March 16, 2016.

Fraser Nelson, “The Great Migration is a Sign of Increasing Wealth, not abject Poverty,” Spectator, 4 September, 2015.
I do not care for Dan Hannan’s quasi-libertarian ideology nor for the brand of conservatism at the Spectator, but these articles make fair points.

There is a paradoxical truth here: as a Third World nation produces more people with higher wealth and more education and knowledge of the world through communications technology, the more some of such people have an inducement and the means to pay people smugglers and come illegally to the developed world.

People have badly misdiagnosed much of what Europe’s migration crisis is about: a great deal of it is about mass economic migration, not simply refugees.

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  1. I like Dan Hannan's work. If only he would read Keynes. He could start with Richard Posner's essay from a few years back.