Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pat Buchanan on Trump

Buchanan understands Trump very well, because Trumpism is a kind of Pat Buchananism reborn – an anti-free trade, protectionist, anti-open borders paleoconservatism.

Yes, there are plenty of toxic aspects to Trumpism and Buchananism, and Trump seems to want a more militaristic foreign policy than Buchanan did (without going to the neocon extreme), but at the heart of Trumpism is: the failure of neoliberalism in America. Part of that failed neoliberalism was open borders and mass immigration, not just free trade, deregulation and the abandonment of fiscal policy. Trumpism is a kind of anti-neoliberal conservatism, and Trump is a “Bernie” for right-wing people. Left-wing people should take careful note of this.


  1. It does seem 2 decades too late to worry about immigration in America.

    Net immigration between US and Mexico is now down to nearly zero, and the time to have worried about Mexicans arriving in the US was between 1960-1990.

  2. I don't know where to drop this so I'll leave it here. If you attack Trump the wrong way, especially sneering at his supporters, he will win. This is the right way to attack Trump.