Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skidelsky on Uncertainty and Knowledge

This an old video in which Skidelsky talks about fundamental uncertainty, but it is concise and insightful.

The more one learns about economics and epistemology, the more that one understands that uncertainty is a crucial concept, and one that is strongly related to probability and the limits of human knowledge.


  1. I've started reading GLS Shackle in depth. He really is a fantastic writer. You should pick him up if you get the chance.

    1. Any recommendation on which book to start with?

    2. Hard to say, I've just started!

      I think maybe A Scheme of Economic Theory seems to be the most coherent statement of his ideas.

    3. You can read the whole introduction if you click "Search Inside This Book" in the Amazon link. You'll see that he's dealing with exactly the same issues as you in your recent posts.