Thursday, February 25, 2016

The US Republican Front Runners: All in Favour of Torture!

In the video below. This is the appalling world we live in. All of them endorse it to some degree, despite the lip service to the rejection of it as an official policy. Trump even more so. But it seems that the fallout from the use of torture under George W. Bush has made even the CIA itself turn against torture and its personnel reluctant to use it. So Trump, even if elected, might not get his way.


  1. A confusing element of the whole torture issue is:

    1) According to the torture memos, no act was ever authorized from the top that would fall into the legal definition of torture, but always just barely outside it.

    2) American political candidates are supporting the use of torture.

    Which one is it? That torture is bad but actual torture was never conducted or that torture is good and that actual torture was conducted.

    Very confusing for me.

    1. Good questions. Waterboarding is not torture, that's the whole point of it. Opponents of republicans are often very slippery in this area.