Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Congrats to Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders won in the New Hampshire Democratic primary and beat Hillary Clinton.

And people on the left should take careful notice of Sanders’ outstanding good sense in opposing open borders, as we see in the video below.

In this respect, Bernie Sanders’ views are just like those of Ralph Nader.

The concept of open borders is a lunatic libertarian idea, whether from the anarcho-capitalist libertarians or far left libertarians.

Bizarrely, in Europe, parts of the left have gone off the deep end in their weird, almost cult-like obsession with open borders.

For those who want a balanced left-wing view on open borders, I recommend Ha-Joon Chang, 23 Things they Don’t Tell you about Capitalism (Bloomsbury Press, London, 2011), p. 23ff.


  1. Not a big enough win, it won't lead to a national trend I think.
    Incidentally, what do you think of the suppression of the counts in Iowa? I think there's a decent chance Bernie won that too, in raw votes, and that the party has diddled him.

    1. I've not read about the Iowa counts issue -- will have a read about it.

    2. I see that Hillary will get at least as many NH delegates as Bernie. Hard to beat a woman who wins every coin toss and the most delegates even when she gets schlonged at the polls.