Sunday, January 19, 2014

Top 30 Heterodox Keynesian/MMT Economics Blogs, Updated

This is my updated list of top 30 heterodox Keynesian/MMT economics blogs. Again, it is not based on objective criteria like number of web hits, but is a rather subjective list, on the basis of how popular various sites seem to be and (in my view) their importance.

Have I made any serious oversights?
I. Post Keynesian Blogs
(1) Debt Deflation, Steve Keen

(2) Post Keynesian Economics Study Group
This is not strictly a blog, but it is a great resource!

(3) Real-World Economics Review Blog

(4) Naked Keynesianism

(5) Lars P. Syll’s Blog
Lars P. Syll’s blog is an excellent resource, and the posts are wide-ranging and frequent.

(6) Philip Pilkington, Fixing the Economists
Philip Pilkington (of has started blogging here again. A great blog.

(7) Thoughts on Economics, Robert Vienneau
Robert Vienneau’s blog has lots of advanced posts on Post Keynesianism economic theory.

(8) Unlearningeconomics Blog
I believe “Unlearningeconomics” has wound down the blog recently, which is a pity because it was a great blog.

(9) Social Democracy for the 21st Century

(10) Ramanan, The Case For Concerted Action

(11) Yanis Varoufakis, Thoughts for the Post-2008 World

(12) Dr. Thomas Palley, PhD. in Economics (Yale University)
Unfortunately, Thomas Palley only has new posts infrequently, but it is a good read.

(13), Ann Pettifor blog

II. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)/Neochartalism
(14) Billy Blog, Bill Mitchell

(15) New Economic Perspectives

(16) Mike Norman Economics Blog

(17) Warren Mosler, The Center of the Universe

(18) Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE)

III. Other Heterodox Blogs and Resources
(19) Prime, Policy Research in Macroeconomics

(20) Michael Hudson

(21) New Economics Foundation


(23) Econospeak Blog

(24) James Galbraith

(25) Robert Skidelsky’s Official Website

(26) The Other Canon

(27) Levy Economics Institute of Bard College

(28) Multiplier Effect, Levy Economics Institute Blog

(29) John Quiggin

(30) The Progressive Economics Forum


  1. Thanks for including me LK - I'm still around though, but I'm quite busy so it will just be a bit less regular than before. I do have some posts in the works.

  2. Does the New Economics Foundation not promote a 21-hour work week?

  3. So, the levy institute posts a lot of lectures in their clumsy way that offers no easy download option and is dodgy on my mobile device, so I found a workaround.

    The audio files are stored in the directory:

    which doesn't allow access. But, access is allowed, if you have the filename.

    To access lectures in mp3 or other downloadable format, first go to the events page

    Then select a year and an event. such as

    use their interface to find a speaker you want to listen to, then "view page source" with your browser*. CTRL+F 'speakername' to find the .mp3 or .rm filename with the lecture. Typically the filename will be located immediately above the speaker's name.

    Then simply append the file name to the directory mentioned above, and viola, a regular audio file:

    *to view page source on a pc, hold down the right mouse button on a blank part of the webpage and select the option 'view page source'.

  4. Please include this blog:

  5. Nice list! I would however like to add some German ones.

    Querschusse (very factual about credit and debts, but nowadays that alone is almost enough to be included in a list like this!)


    From the Netherlands Money for nothing, very good about the mechanics of monetary policy (and the policy consequences of these mechanics).

  6. Replies
    1. You're welcome!

      Naked Keynesianism is indispensable reading -- I check it every day.

  7. I would also suggest Goofynomics .

    It's mostly in Italian but with some post in English, for example this one.