Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Downward’s Pricing Theory in Post-Keynesian Economics: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Paul Downward’s Pricing Theory in Post-Keynesian Economics: A Realist Approach (Cheltenham, UK, 1999) deals with econometric studies on pricing.

Downward considers the work of Neild (1963), Eckstein and Fromm (1968), McCallum (1970), Brechling (1972), and Smith (1982).

Downward finds significant problems with the assumptions and models used in all these studies because of their neoclassical economics (Downward 1999: 75–81).

By contrast, Coutts et al. (1978), Sylos-Labini (1979) and Sawyer (1983) provide far better empirical studies with better theoretical foundations, and they find that prices are not strongly influenced by changes in demand (Downward 1999: 82).

Nevertheless, Downward (1999: 88–92) finds serious problems with conventional econometric studies, along the lines of Keynes’ criticisms of econometrics in his dispute with Tinbergen.

Rather, econometric studies should be embedded within a much broader class of empirical evidence on pricing and price setting (Downward 1999: 92).

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