Saturday, August 3, 2013

Review of Keynesian Economics (July 2013 Issue)

The latest issue of Review of Keynesian Economics (July 2013) is out and a table of contents and some free articles are available here:
Of especial interest to me:
(1) William E. McColloch’s “A Shackled Revolution? The Bubble Act and Financial Regulation in Eighteenth-Century England” (pp. 300–313), which argues that the financial regulation in 18th-century England was no serious impediment to industrialisation.

(2) Philip Pilkington (who blogs here) has a book review of John King’s splendid The Microfoundations Delusion: Metaphor and Dogma in the History of Macroeconomics (pp. 370–373), and

(3) Jane Knodell’s “The Nation-Building Purposes of Early US Central Banks” (pp. 288–299), a study of the First (1791–1811) and Second (1816–1836) Banks of the United States, which had quasi-central banking functions.

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