Sunday, August 4, 2013

David Friedman versus Robert Murphy

Not something you see often, but here is an inter-libertarian debate: David Friedman (son of Milton Friedman) and Robert Murphy (an Austrian) debating the merits of their respective ideologies.

David Friedman is an anarcho-capitalist who justifies his system on consequentialist lines. Robert Murphy is an Austrian anarcho-capitalist, and (presumably) appeals to natural rights ethics, as Rothbard did.

Murphy’s defence of praxeology is unconvincing. The value of general deductive logic is not in doubt, nor that of geometry. The issue is whether the particular deductive method of praxeology with its derived theories are sound for economic science, and that is extremely doubtful.

Curiously, Murphy dodges the issue of fractional reserve banking, and choices not to defend Rothbard’s position.

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