Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interview with Wynne Godley

I post below an interview with Wynne Godley (2 September 1926–13 May 2010), which was conducted on 16th September, 2008. Godley made contributions to Post Keynesian economics and some of his work has been influential for MMT.


  1. Hi you can find the video for download at the interviewer's site here:


    The interviewer's website is here http://www.alanmacfarlane.com/

  2. This is great, thanks! By the way, Wynne was a student of Andrews in Oxford, a member of the Oxford Economists' Research Group, that was behind the idea of full cost pricing (compatible with the old classical political economy views on prices) and was brought to Cambridge (from the Treasury) by Kaldor, who inspired his growth models (which are peculiar versions of the supermultiplier story), and who is the father of modern endogenous money. but before that he was a world class oboe player, for the BBC Welsh Orchestra.