Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marshall Auerback on Greece and the Eurozone

Marshall Auerback is interviewed here on RT, about the latest developments in the Eurozone and Greece.


  1. Dear LK, Is it possible for you to post a critique of Rothbard's book 'Man, Economy and State'? And also, is it a 'must read'? Am asking because Anarcho-caps say that the state is evil, murderous, etc. & tell aspirants not to join any government services. When argued, they tell to read Rothbard and "discover the truth" by ourselves.

    Is Rothbard completely correct? Even if he is logically correct, does logically correct mean that must be correct in the real world? Extreme Austrians say that they(Mises+Rothbard) are logically true and hence undeniable, but isn't it possible to be logically true yet be of no worth for the real world? I've read your criticisms(one or two posts) about Rothbard, but not about his book itself.

    Lastly, What is your view about Governments?(I know you support social democracy), Do you believe that Governments are only there for themselves and have no concerns whatsoever for the common people?

    Do put in some time if possible. Regards.

  2. Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism is a cult, even within Austrian economics. I don't have the time to write some kind of detailed critique of 'Man, Economy and State', but I've looked at aspects of it in on this blog.

    E.g., I've dealt with the incoherence of Rothbard's natural rights ethics here:

    Also, you might note that Mises, for example, has a different view of government:

    Of course, government is necessary. It is a vitally necessary part of any modern society. Like any human institution, it can be either used well and effectively or misused.

    1. Thanks for the reply LK. Yes, I've been visiting the blog regularly, so know from it that Mises wasn't an Anarcho-cap.

      In future, do put some more critiques of Rothbard's ideas. Indeed, in the discussions and debates that you have in the 'comments' section, you take up many issues.

      Also, do give a thought to updating your profile on blogger. :)

      Keep blogging!

  3. Jan Said: Thank you Lord Keynes,Heiner Flassbeck a decent post-Keynsian Kaleckian economist vice minister in of Finance in 1990ts Germany SPD Green goverment and now at UNCTAD give a good agument on the Grecee crize- and in