Sunday, May 7, 2017

The US H-1B Visa Scam

Virtually the whole program is a case of vicious class war but against middle class people too:

If it were really the case that H-1B visas are just a program to import immigrants to do jobs Americans cannot do, then there wouldn’t be so much evidence of employed people being forced to train their own H-1B replacements and then fired.

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  1. There are better ways to improve the lot of the poor other than mass immigration. Doubling the foreign aid budget and paying for it with military cuts would do more in a year for people of the third world in comparison to ramping up immigration. Completely open borders ala the vulgar libertarians are especially ridiculous; the whole thing reminds me of Saipan, when republicans were paid off not to legislate minimum wages or labour laws for the region, so $1.00/hr desperate factory workers could be imported from the third world if they paid $5000 fees for the job (aka, indentured servitude, or slavery, under American jurisdiction).

    The liberal left has completely discarded the idea of class, much to their detriment.

    1. Completely agree with you. Increased foreign aid could potentially deliver far better outcomes for the most needy in poor or strife torn nations.
      But the liberal left is not so concerned with concrete outcomes as with demonstrating their moral virtue. Thus, it matters more about what it costs us than what it pays those in need. With this attitude, they make the perfect companions for the neo-con Right, whose only goal is the further enrichment of the global elite, usually at the cost of native workers.
      The West badly needs a realist Left that actually cares about outcomes for workers - at home and abroad.

  2. WTF???

    These were not just manual labourers. They are highly well trained data science professionals who were integrating a payments system into Disney's parks.

    What a cruel joke to say that these are jobs that Americans won't do, when such high level IT consulting jobs are the last things Americans have left to do.

    How can Disney be so stupid? No good IT systems talent will ever join their company again.