Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Free Market Final Solution to the Western World

Just look at what US Republican politicians are planning for America:
Neil Munro, “Two GOP Legislators Propose American Replacement Bill, Plus Amnesty,” Breitbart, 4 May 2017.
These Republican scumbags want to “annually import 500,000 foreign blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals to replace Americans who have fallen out of the workforce and into drug addiction,” all justified with the usual outrageous nonsense that people don’t want to work or that they can’t find Americans to work at their miserable slave labour wages.

And how many years will this go on for? 20 or 30 years? 50 years? 100?

This is free market fanaticism at its most vicious and grotesque depths of inhumanity.

The long-suffering working class and even middle class people of America have been assaulted for decades with Neoliberalism – and its hideous program of austerity, free trade, outsourcing of manufacturing and service jobs, real wage stagnation, debt slavery, and the unending program of Third World mass immigration to lower wages and replace American workers.

And now these GOP legislators are openly, unashamedly, viciously proving that the actual outcome of a movement towards free markets is absolutely the following scenario:
“Wages in rich countries are determined more by immigration control than anything else, including any minimum wage legislation. How is the immigration maximum determined? Not by the ‘free’ labour market, which, if left alone, will end up replacing 80–90 per cent of native workers with cheaper, and often more productive, immigrants. Immigration is largely settled by politics. So, if you have any residual doubt about the massive role that the government plays in the economy’s free market, then pause to reflect that all our wages are, at root, politically determined.”
Chang, Ha-Joon. 2011. 23 Things they Don’t Tell you about Capitalism, Thing 1: There is no such thing as a free market

“… the living standards of the huge majority of people in rich countries critically depend on the existence of the most draconian control over their labour markets – immigration control. Despite this, immigration control is invisible to many and deliberately ignored by others, when they talk about the virtues of the free market.”
Chang, Ha-Joon. 2011. 23 Things they Don’t Tell you about Capitalism, Thing 3: Most people in rich countries are paid more than they should be.
If we in the West don’t get severe immigration control quickly, we are going to be demographically replaced and reduced to the level of the Third World. And then when those immigrants have been economically and socially destroyed by free markets or their wages get too high, the Neoliberal rulers of the West will presumably just import even more.

And where is the Left on this issue? Where are all these spineless, worthless, left-wing and Liberal people who claim to be in favour of the working class and labour rights?

I see hardly anybody willing to talk about this, nor willing to make the case that mass immigration is the last fraud of Neoliberalism, which it most certainly is, and this is before we even get to the terrible social and cultural problems associated with it.

And, on the contrary, I see many people on the Left who are fanatical, delusional, hardcore supports of the same endless mass immigration policies or even total open borders, only justified with the demand for multiculturalism or refugee rights, but whose effect – if not intention – is exactly the same as the hardcore free market fanatics.

This is a major reason why so much of the Left is morally bankrupt, and certainly doesn’t deserve political power any more than the free market Conservatives do.

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  1. As with the Left in Western nations, there is a globalist Right and a nationalist Right.

    The globalist Right is completely reprehensible, as this article demonstrates.

    The globalist Left is almost as awful, but made all the more appalling because it's virtually ALL of the Left.

    This website and a very few others (of notably lower intellectual quality) offer a rallying point for the nationally focused Left.


  2. Given a high percentage of the descendants of the slaves work in the jobs that low skill immigrants would be taking, I'd be quite interested to see an SJW explain how they can simultaneously support better economic conditions for the descendants of the slaves while replacing their jobs and undercutting their wages with an influx of low skill immigrants from Mexico and other places. Perhaps this is another example of what LK notes, where the intentions of the left doesn't jive with the effects.

    Rod Dreher, a conservative Eastern Orthodox writer who does a lot of work for The American Conservative, observed that the biggest political divide today isn't between left and right, but between the winners and losers of globalization. I'm beginning to think he may be correct.

  3. Hello LK and everyone,
    Actually there is a non globalist, the genuine one ! (sanders in the US, Mélenchon in France, probably Corbyn in UK I hope his supporters will prevail over the blairite frauds)

    On the other side, we must notice something : when some right wing movement calls itself nationalist, it implies that they prefer nation over the defense of the interest of the upper class. Hence the appeal to impoverished people. But whenever they come to power they allways prefer those vested interests over those of the common people. That is why I think we shall never join them and that is how a genuine left wing movement should criticize them.
    BTW : when conservatives say that it is not a split between right and left but between winners and losers of globalisation, it is not totally honnest IMHO. For the vast majority of victims of global market forces are precisely the blue collars and lower middle class people the left is supposed to stand for. All they can meaningfully say is that people like Clinton or Blair or Hollande are traitors and neoliberals in disguise.

    And I have a question to LK besides the Ha Jon Chang's quotation and Bob Rowthorn's study what are the evidence of the impact of immigration on blue collars wellfare / bargaining power ?
    From I read it is rather limited (as compared to the effect of free trade or deregulation or automisation etc.) I am inclined to believe otherwise but also not willing to believe anything without grounds.
    Furthermore I will not convince any of my fellow "untamed" countrymen without evidence !

    1. Lax immigration laws and enforcement are part of laissez-faire ideology and practice. If you look at labor as a market, its context is very much like the ones for goods and services, subject to supply and demand. That's why one of the fundamental principles of the EU is the free movement of people as much as goods and services. And that's why neoliberal discourse will always make immigration look as overwhelmingly positive. It has an obnoxious peculiarity however: being that it's about people, the neoliberals and regressive leftists can fall back on faux moralism and humanitarian feelings, thus obfuscating the racket.

    2. I agree with you Razor. My question was about how the effects are assessed scientifically?
      (About lax immigration laws and enforcement I am not sure : you see there is frontex, there are laws getting harder every year... my impression was that immigrants were cheap labor but undocumented people are even cheaper. But it sounds a little paranoid. So I donnot know.)