Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Michael Norman for President!


Sounds great to me.

My own feelings on American politics are: imagine if the Left had a billionaire (as Trump was) but to run as a Democratic party candidate with an MMT program. As much as I like Bernie, he was for many people tainted by his Marxist past.

But imagine a rich, successful charismatic businessman who could push a left Keynesian program and say, “look, this is good for capitalism and the middle class!,” but at the same time have a quiet but sane policy on immigration, and not be some crazy Cultural Leftist, but instead focus mainly on economics.

I bet such a candidate would crush all those Neoliberal Democratic shills. That would be truly something.

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  1. Considering all the deportations Obama did, do you not think he had a sane policy on immigration?

    1. He did not. Not for that reason though. The number of violators is not a good measure of how "sane" a law is. "Considering all the arrests do you think a law against rape is sane?" Similarly there can be few arrests for a stupid law. Look at the Irish blasphemy law.

    2. I'll just leave this here.

  2. LK, more related to the altleft than Norman, but what are your thoughts on Zena O'Briens optics/boundaryism stuff? R/Badphilosophy was pretty vicious in it's mockery of her work, but I figured you'd be able to provide a more reliable account given your affiliation with the group and acquaintance with philosophy.