Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump’s Inauguration Speech


All in all, it wasn’t a typical conservative Republican speech: it was anti-elitist, protectionist, populist, anti-globalisation, and economically nationalist.

In particular, there was the economic populism: the attack on free trade, outsourcing and the de-industrialisation of America.

I imagine this went down well with the working class and even middle class victims of these neoliberal policies.

But of course now we come to the crunch: although his rhetoric is good, Trump must deliver.

If he goes back to the disgusting, worthless free market program of the loser Republicans – of austerity, free trade, H-1B visas, Neoconservatism, and open borders – it’s all over for the Republican party and for Trump.

And maybe Trump will be a massive disappointment; or maybe he might surprise.

In any case, it’s time to give him a chance and see what happens.


  1. I've done my own video on "Seven of Trump's Promises I'll Be Holding Him To":

    I tried to stay positive and even offer a couple of suggestions. Reality dictated how I addressed the last 2 items, however. In any case, this highlights 7 things progressives are concerned about that we can track to see how he does. Forewarned is forearmed~!

    1. I should also add that I included the clip with the famous "I'm going to take care of everyone" quote Trump made, but there's a longer context at the end where he says "But for the most part, it's going to be a private plan" and then follows it up with woo-woo talk about "negotiate" and "competition" - clearly Libertarian buzzwords. That's the part several of us - including myself - didn't catch the 1st time around.

  2. Bernie Sanders shreds Trump from the floor of the Senate: