Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stephen Cohen on the Latest Anti-Russian Hysteria

In some great analysis in the interviews below with Stephen Cohen. This man should be US Secretary of State.

First, see the audio interviews here and here.

Secondly, see these videos:

And in earlier interviews from late December, 2016:

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  1. Jimmy Dore and Glenn Greenwald give it the much deserved treatment, also:

  2. The danger is growing. Trump apparently hired Russian gigolos to sneer at Thomas Jefferson.

  3. Greenwald on Carlson:

    Carlson is doing great media these days. Pity he's a libertarian and a Cato fellow. See:

    1. Yes, pleasantly surprised to see that Carlson has become a respectable commentator. Most of the liberal establishment media are awful in comparison, whining about whatever nonsense they can find relating to
      Trump. Fortunately, Bernie Sanders has been sensible and hasn't been playing silly games, and has been reasonably challenging Trump to make sure he works in the interest of Americans.

  4. Did you hear about the journalists calling for martial law before the inauguration so the government can "clear Trump of all charges" before his presidency? Lol, last minute hysterics before their world comes crashing down.