Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump and his Conservatives just Stole our Economics, People!

Well, partially, anyway.

Just look at Pat Buchanan and Sean Hannity on – WTF?? – Fox News partially steal the Left’s agenda on economics, as they talk about the poisonous disaster of free trade, outsourcing, loss of manufacturing, the decline of the middle class, and mass unemployment in America. Just listen to Pat Buchanan praise Bernie and Ralph Nader at the end!

The world has turned upside down. This is why we need a reformed left, friends.

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  1. "only nixon can go to china"

  2. I've always liked Pat Buchanan because I felt he was one of the few conservatives who understood what was happening on the ground to many American communities. He was talking about the devastation of working-class communities due to free trade and globalization long before it became fashionable.

    I keep telling people that Trump is not just popular because he says stuff that appeals to racists. His success has been due to discussing issues that regular people are concerned with. Same thing goes for Bernie Sanders.

  3. Jill Stein #2016 - "Amerexit" the 2-party system~!

  4. Partly cynical perhaps? a ploy to attract Bernie voters.

  5. Do you see any signs of hope with Labor Leave regarding a reformed left?

    1. Unfortunately both wings of the party seem to be regressive left.

  6. Speaking of trade: LK, have you looked @Mike Pence, lately? That's enough right there to make anyone realize that Mr. Hot Air can't be trusted to back the positions he changes his mind on more than he changes his underwear.

  7. Pat has always advocated economic patriotism based on a kind of Neo-Hamiltonian system. Not taxing the incomes or profits of American individuals and enterprises but giving them cover from foreign completion with tariffs. If America could actually develop a system like that I might be supportive of it.

    Before the creation of the income tax around 1916 most revenue came from the tariffs and excise taxes which were geared toward luxury goods. There was an income tax during the US civil war but most revenue then came from the issuing of bonds.