Sunday, July 24, 2016

Links for News Sites

For keeping track of the news, whether on politics and economics, with some other links of interest:
(1) General News
BBC News
Google News
Bloomberg News
American ABC
Vice News
Der Spiegel Online International
Le Monde diplomatique
The Economist
Times of Israel
Jerusalem Post
China Daily
Antiwar News Sources (a great, long list of news websites)

(2) British Newspapers and Journals
The Times
The Guardian
New Statesman
London Review of Books
The Telegraph
Sky News

(3) American Media
Neoconservative or Mainstream Conservative
Weekly Standard
National Review
Wall Street Journal
New Republic
American Spectator
New York Post
Washington Times
Frontpage Mag

American Conservative
Patrick J. Buchanan – Official Website

Liberal and Left-Wing
New York Times
New York Review of Books
The Nation
Huffington Post
American Prospect
Public Citizen
Mother Jones
Democracy Now (non-profit left-wing American news organization)
The Real News Network
Beat the Press. Dean Baker

Mises Institute (a great source for news on foreign policy of the US and its wars, although its opinion pieces have a strong libertarian bias)
Free Advice (Robert Murphy)
Stefan Molyneux
The Alex Jones Channel (if you want a good laugh at conspiracy theories!) (again, libertarian news with conspiracy theories)
Paul Joseph Watson
Rebel Media (Canadian)
TheRealNews YouTube Channel

(4) Financial and Economic News
The Economist
Financial Times
Wall Street Journal
Challenge: the Magazine of Economic Affairs
Dollars & Sense: Real World Economics
Left Business Observer

(5) Paleoliberal YouTube Channels
Sargon of Akkad
Gad Saad
The Rubin Report

(6) Marxist or Socialist
International Socialist Review
Monthly Review
New Left Review
World Socialist Website

(7) Foreign Policy and International Affairs
New Internationalist
Mondoweiss: The War of Ideas in the Middle East
Michael Scheuer’s

(8) Declassified Documents
National Security Archive, The George Washington University (a great site that is independent and non-governmental and publishes declassified US government documents)

(9) Science and Technology News
Scientific American
New Scientist
MIT Technology Review
Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Dean Baker's Beat the Press blog is one of my favorites. Baker critiques media reporting on economic issues and he is especially good when it comes to big media outlets like the New York Times that carry water for the neoliberal agenda.

    Baker is especially good at pointing out elite hypocrisy on free trade as he has done in his last two articles.

  2. for daily science news?

  3. Real News Network has a good Progressive channel that Michael Hudson has been on a few times. It's also is blog/text format so you can read everything as well as hear it:

    James Corbett has his own Corbett Report channel and has been on RT a few times. He also does Global Research TV and Boiling Frogs Post. His position is AnCap or Libertarian (I think!)

    There are also text blog format websites to go with each of these.

  4. You sould check which measure bias in US news.

  5. LK, you gotta see this:


    A British Eurosceptic blog that comments on Brexit-related media reports, by liberals who want to pursue the Single Market option. Obviously, most readers of this blog would disagree with their free trade position, but there is still valuable information on the site.

  7. LK, I'm not so sure Breitbart fits with the neo-cons/mainstream right wing these days. They've favored Trump for sometime now, and prior to that, they were oriented more towards Glenn Beck style conservatives than neocon types.

    All in all, a great list! A couple sites to recommend:

    1) For technology news with a left wing orientation, PandoDaily is a pretty good site.

    2) While more of an aggregator, The Drudge Report is huge among American conservatives. There's a joke among those who follow American politics that the daily republican talking points are set by Drudge's front page.

    3) While not in English anymore, the Lebanese periodical Al-Akhbar is one of the best in the region, and also the only one to routinely call out anti-semitism.

    4) The Lebanese atheist and anarchist Asad AbuKhalil's blog, The Angry Arab News Service, is one of the best blogs available for the middle east region. While Asad is a bit extreme for my tastes on Israel and analyzes the region more along the lines of Edward Said, he's proven to be very reliable at seeing through a lot of the shoddy analysis offered on the region these days. He's also a vicious critic of every regime in the region, and an equal opportunity offender when it comes to attacking all religious faiths.

    1. Glen Beck is not Neocon? He disagreed strongly with Ron Paul's foreign policy and I doubt there's ever been a war leveled against brown skin that he didn't like.

  8. Forgot links in my previous post.

    Drudge Report:
    Angry Arab News Service: