Saturday, May 21, 2016

More Early Criticism and Commentary on Marx’s Capital

The list below complements this post and the works are listed in chronological order:
Kaufmann, Moritz. 1879. Utopias: Or, Schemes of Social Improvement: From Sir Thomas More to Karl Marx. C. Kegan Paul, London.

Cunningham, William. 1879. “The Progress of Socialism in England,” Contemporary Review 34 (January): 245–260.

Ely, Richard Theodore. 1883. French and German Socialism in Modern Times. Harper, New York.

Rae, John. 1884. Contemporary Socialism. C. Scribner, London.

Wicksteed, Philip H. 1884. “The Marxian Theory of Value. Das Kapital: A Criticism,” To-Day n.s. 2 (October): 388–409.

Cunningham, William. 1885. Politics and Economics. K. Paul, London.

Balfour, Arthur James. 1885. “Land, Land Reformers, and the Nation,” in Industrial Remuneration Conference. London.

Tanner, J. R. and F. S. Carey. 1885. Comments on the use of the Blue Books made by Karl Marx in Chapter XV of Capital. Cambridge Economic Club, May Term.

Laveleye, Emile de. 1886. The Socialism of Today (trans. Goddard Henry Orpen). Field and Tuer, London.

Foxwell, H. S. 1887. “The Economic Movement in England,” The Quarterly Journal of Economics 2.1: 84–103.

Llewellyn Smith, Hubert. 1887. Economic Aspects of State Socialism. Cobden Prize Essay, 1886. B. H. Blackwell, Oxford.

Smart, William. 1887. Factory Industry and Socialism. R. Anderson, Glasgow.

Llewellyn-Smith, C. 1888. Two Lectures on the Books of Political Economy. Birmingham and Leicester, London.

Dawson, William Harbutt. 1888. German Socialism and Ferdinand Lassalle: A Biographical History of German Socialistic Movements during this Century (3rd edn.). Swan Sonnenschein & Co. Ltd, London.

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Hobson, J. A. 1894. The Evolution of Modern Capitalism: A Study of Machine Production. Walter Scott, London.

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Restuccia, Paul. 1897. “Review of Capital, by Karl Marx,” Athenaeum 18 September: 385

Kirkup, Thomas. 1913. A History of Socialism. A. and C. Black, London.

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