Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dave Rubin interviews Tino Sanandaji

I know I have my share of Swedish readers from blogger stats and assume that many of these people are left-wing, so I am curious to know what they think of Tino Sanandaji’s assessment of what has gone wrong in Sweden in the last 30 years. I am unclear on precisely what Tino Sanandaji’s economics are, but I assume he is some kind of neoclassical.

Nevertheless, I have to say that it all sounds depressingly familiar to me: a Swedish left taken over by Postmodernists and bourgeois cultural leftists who have betrayed any sensible left-wing take on economics and whose views are poisoned by cultural relativism, political correctness and extremist multiculturalism. This is a tragedy for a great country like Sweden with its history of social democracy.


  1. Scandinavian immigration trends don't compare anywhere near to that of UK or Germany.

  2. A partisan view on Islam from a right-wing Iranian kurd. Shocker.

    And of course the Stockholm School in Sweden is actively trying to dismantle the welfare state. But ignore that.

    1. In other words, Illusionist: shoot the messenger and scream ad hominem abuse.

      I've seen no evidence that Tino Sanandaji wants to dismantle the welfare state, but let us assume that he does. That doesn't refute a great deal of what he is saying here about the catastrophe of the cultural left or extremist multiculturalism. We can vehemently disagree with his libertarian lunacy, but recognise he's speaks some sense on other issues.

      As for his comments about the religion you mention, I've heard similar things from Maajid Nawaz. So is Nawaz a right wing racist? Or is he a porch monkey as some vicious people on the left like to call him?

    2. Illusionist, the welfare state is not sustainable with this rate of immigration. Just deal with reality. Moreover unless there is a drastic increase in european military capabilities, including counter-disinformation online, you can kiss goodbye to european states. Please just wake up on these unpleasant realities before it's too late.